Passion of Words – A Poem

Let your voice be the song I hear.

Your arms be the blanket to keep me warm.

Your laughter fill my body as if food from the Gods.

Your eyes, the entrance to your soul that you opened the door to me.

Your hands, the ones that grip and hold me tight, to not let go.

Your legs to hold me up when I need it, for they are the strength that holds the two of us.

Your kisses and lips be the sweet honey to my lips, as you quench my thirst for you with your mouth.

And when you are deep inside me, penetrating me, Let you fill me with your hardness as I feel your passion grow.

And I will return your passion with the heat of my liquid as it flows from me.

My warmth I share and you feel my desire as I grip you deep inside me.

Our passion is not lust, but pure sexual rawness as we entangle ourselves.

Let us float off together into our place of dreams.

Fulfill each others needs with our physical beings as we share our deepest embrace.

Our vulnerability, our openness, no one can reach us here, it our place that we share with no other.

Take me. Hold me. Fuck me.

For the passion that is deep inside me has been opened to you and only you.

There is no other like you.

Let my passion be my words.

I share only with you.

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