Is it too late?

Is it too late to say, Happy New Year? Yes, I believe so.

Is it too late to say, Happy Valentine’s Day?
Yes, it’s too late for that too.

It’s to late to say Merry Christmas and Happy Thanksgiving also. Yes, I missed all these crazy, wonderful holidays to post erotic thoughts and naughtiness about.

But it’s not too late to say I want some hard cock. It’s never too late or the wrong time to say or think that. It’s not too late to say I’m horny and my pussy feels wet thinking of you.

Let me slide my tongue across your lips and feel you tighten your embrace around me. It’s not too late for that. Grab your cock in my hand and stroke it as you squeeze my tits. It’s not too late for that either.

It’s not too late for me to bend over so you can lick my pussy or my ass and tell me how good I taste. Only to slip your cock in my wet cave and pull it back out for me to taste.  No, it’s not too late for that either.

It’s not too late to explore the taboo of sharing oneself with another. Fill that need, that void. It’s not too late to suck that cock and let your drool run out of your mouth as you suck it hard. Lick that pussy and make her shiver with the anticipation of what you may do next.

No its not too late for that.

Imagination runs wild; spinning and churning up thoughts of a strangers cock or pussy. Sharing those thoughts with others. Turning round and round in your head, as you let a cock penetrate your folds of wetness. As that cock slips past your lips and your tongue circles it’s head. Yes, those thoughts. Or that tongue that licks your folds making them wet, yes, they are having those thoughts too.

It’s not to late to take that risk. That step into the unknown, to explore all those thoughts, those fantasies you’ve talked about so much.

Let me take you there. It’s not too late.

Yes, my mind is wondering and I again will share with you some fantasies and truths soon. Very soon.

But until then…

Stay Wet & Stay Hard!


A Fantasy For Him Pt 2

Or is it hers…

Pressing the head of his cock into Melanie’s waiting pussy and watching him slowly push his full shaft in only aroused Victoria.  She heard Melanie  let out a moan of relief and pleasure.

Grabbing her ass cheeks, she pulled them apart, opening up her pussy only wider. She rimmed her asshole with her tongue, letting her spit and drool run down her ass onto his cock that was sliding in and out her pussy.

Like a switch, Victoria took on a different tactic.

“Fuck her harder.” Victoria said as she looked up at him. He was staring down at her as she pulled Melanie’s pussy lips apart so he could get his cock in even deeper.

He gripped her ass and pounded his cock deep into Melanie. Feeling her pull back with each thrust he gave her.

“Don’t you stop or cum until I tell you.” Victoria exclaimed as she watched her boyfriend’s cock thrusting into her pussy.

Victoria moved over to Melanie and kissed her hard. Melanie was gasping with each movement of his cock and pelvis as it met her ass. Her pussy was throbbing with excitement of the fullness of his shaft.

She pulled back Melanie’s hair from her face, grabbing the bottom of her jaw and turning her head to look into her eyes.”You like the feel of my boyfriend’s cock?  Like how he is pounding you?”

Melanie was in her glory of feeling his hard shaft impaling her pussy. His balls smacking her ass. She moaned with the pleasure of feeling her juices flow from her as her orgasms were quick and steady.

Victoria kissed her hard.

“You’re not getting off that easy.” Victoria said to her, releasing her grasp.

Victoria moved in front of Melanie, spreading her legs, she grabbed a hold of Melanie’s hair and pushed her head into her pussy.

“Now lick me.” Victoria told Melanie.
“Lick my pussy until I cum!”

Victoria’s boyfriend was still gripping Melanie’s ass. His cock raging of hardness, feeling that strange pussy as she kept having spasms from her her orgasms. He wanted to slow up and enjoy the sweetness and the heat of her pussy, but he could see the determination in Victoria’s face that he couldn’t stop.

Melanie licked at Victoria’s pussy, tasting her cum as she wrapped her hands under her ass and Victoria held her head there. Pulling her hair back so she could watch as Melanie licked at her folds and played with her clit.

“Smack her ass!” Victoria said looking up to her boyfriend who also was in his glory. The lost expression on his face of sexual satisfaction of finally having a woman to share with his girlfriend. This is not what he expected, but it excited him just the same.

And he did. Leaving a large red hand print on that supple skin.

“Do it again!” She repeated. He did what he was told.

His cock was throbbing to cum, but he held off. Feeling Melanie’s juices run down his balls as he gripped and smacked her ass. It becoming more red with each strike. Melanie squealed and gasped, but it was hard to hear her make a sound as her mouth was buried in Victoria’s pussy.

This was pleasure and then some for Victoria. To be in control of this fantasy. One her boyfriend has talked about for months, to have it come to fruition and to be able to enjoy it on a totally different scale.

Victoria’s pussy was so wet from Melanie licking it and her own orgasms of watch and feeling Melanie’s mouth smack her lips with each thrust from her boyfriend.  She was close to a full orgasm, and she changed tactics again.

Feeling her body begin to move, her back arched up, pushing her pussy into Melanie’s face, as Melanie dug her tongue deep into Victoria’s pussy, she let loose a orgasm like no other. Melanie licked and licked at her pussy tasting all her juices.

Victoria let go of Melanie’s hair and stroked and pet her with a kinder hand. She pulled herself away from Melanie.

Kneeling next to the two of them, she told her boyfriend to slow down so she could watch his cock move in and out of Melanie’s pussy. Melanie had buried her head in the bed and her moans were muffled from the sheets and pillow.

Victoria grabbed his cock and pulled it out of Melanie’s pussy and put it in her mouth so she could taste her and suck on him some more. She was satisfied with how she felt and she wanted to deprive Melanie of the feeling his cock for just even a couple of seconds or even a minute.

Placing his cock back into Melanie’s pussy, she could tell he was ready to explode. She watched his face.

Moving upwards she kissed him, so he could taste Melanie on her lips. Grasping the sides of his face and holding him there. Like sealing it with a kiss, he exploded just then. He rammed his cock deep into Melanie’s pussy. Victoria opened her eyes, not letting go of his lips and watched his face. He strained against her hold and she moved away and he let out such a sound of relief as his balls and cock erupted in hot cum and Melanie’s pussy spasmed with each final thrust. Not letting go of her ass that was red from him smacking it and the finger marks of him gripping the soft flesh.

He pulled his cock out after it had emptied his load.

“Melanie, I want you to lick his cock clean.” Victoria nudged Melanie to turn around and suck his cock clean and drain it completely.

Victoria then licked the cum out of Melanie’s pussy. Holding the volume of liquid in her mouth, she joined Melanie as she was still licking his cock.

Melanie turned to her and Victoria emptied the used cum into her mouth as she kissed her.

Victoria’s boyfriend collapsed on the bed. Completely drained mentally and physically from this encounter. His mind trying to wrap around all that had happened. Not displeased, but startled by Victoria’s actions.

Melanie felt spent from all the grabbing, thrusting and smacking on her ass and laid there catching her breath.

Victoria. Well she licked her lips and was ready to go at it again.

The Craving

The craving is real. I feel the tension even though you satisfied me deeply this morning.  I bite my lip thinking of of our sexual session this morning. The craving won’t subside.

My thoughts wonder and the desire for more grows. Feeling your hands on my hips. You pull me into you and I grind myself onto your hard cock. The craving grows.

You had lucked my pussy tasting my wetness as you locked and played in my garden. I spoke words of delight at the pleasure you were giving me and my body reacted to your touch. The craving grows.

My mind switches from the end of when you thrusted your cock deep inside me, to our morning kiss, to you grabbing my breasts, to your hard cock deep inside me. They swirl around my brain like a merry go round that can goes forward then reverse. The craving grows.

The craving stays with me throughout the day. It rises and falls, but it never disappears from my thoughts.

I love having this craving that only you can satisfy.

Mmmmm. Can’t wait til tomorrow.

A Wet Day

The clouds heavy with rain. No sun to warm me, but my thoughts create my own heat. I’m heated up with thoughts of you.

How I wish I could have stayed in bed to cuddle longer.  To feel you body pressed against mine. To provide you with the closeness of our bodies. Just a little longer.

I wanted more time to suck on you, your hard throbbing cock could release the sexual tension that has built up since yesterday.  Press it deep within me and feel my pussy spasm with an orgasm and I cum for you. Just a little longer.

I want to wrap my lips around your morning hardness. Let it slide in and out of my mouth as my tongue licks it feverishly, tasting your flesh. Just a little longer.

You are eager to please me with your tongue on my folds. Tasting my wetness as I moan and sigh with your every touch. I can almost feel it as my thoughts reflect back to yesterday morning.  Just a little longer.

I will have to wait another day, until we have that moment to escape the daily grind and close the door to the outside world. To relish in that moment of pure sexual desire and passion with our first kiss of the morning. Just a little longer.

Until then I will have wet panties.

It’s My Birthday!

Yes, Today is my Birthday!

Woke at 4:15 with visions of naughtiness running through my head. Sexually aroused while my significant other, Rodman sleeps.

Thinking of sucking cock at this time of day as the darkness still envelopes the world. I am horny as hell!

Cozy warm under the blankets and I move closer to feel the warmth from his body! The touch of his skin against mine is so inviting and arousing. I wait.

Now having coffee as the sun kisses the new day! Waiting to feel his lips pressed against mine as I taste him and feel his hardness press into me.

It’s my Birthday!

How many times will I feel that hard cock throb inside me today or throb inside my mind?

~ Victoria

Not erotic, but still, it is my thoughts!

The Fantasy for Him

Her body felt smooth under her touch. Soft as silk against her skin. Her lips supple and moist as she kissed her as she let her tongue run over them, tracing them. Her mouth tasted fresh to her. She let her hands wander over the curves of her body. Feeling the curve of her back and the roundness of her ass.  Her breasts were pressed against her and she felt the fullness of them.

Her hand moved up to cup her breasts and she let her mouth move down her neck tracing the inner curve of it. Letting her tongue lead her she, she found her nipple and traced her areola.  Her nipple reacted and became hard. Her tongue flicked it playfully, as her lips encased it and suckled it.

She felt her partner’s hand move down between her legs, feeling her shaven mound. She pulled her leg up across her body so she could easily access the folds of her pussy. Pressing her fingers against and past her folds, she felt her body react to the touch. Gentle and firm, and she let out a small gasp of tension from her lips.

He watched. Anticipating his moment. His lips were dry and his mouth watered. He ran his tongue across his lips, but his thirst was not for drink, but for the two of them as he watched them fold into each other. A tangle of arms and legs; kissing and touching, breasts pressed against each other. His cock ached as it raged with hardness.

Victoria kissed Melanie hard on the lips. Her tongue probed deep in her mouth as her hands grabbed her ass and griped it. She gave it a quick smack and grabbed it again, than softly rubbed it before giving it another smack. Melanie’s skin began to turn red from the quick contact of hand and flesh. Melanie’s body reacted with a quick jolt. Not of displeasure but of surprise and it heightened her sexual tension.

Melanie in turn, pushed her finger deeper into Victoria’s wet pussy, making her raise her pelvis to meet her thrusts. Then slowly she pulled it out, bringing her finger to her lips to taste her and sharing it with Victoria. Both tasting the essence and then kissing to share it more. He is still watching. Now he is gripping his cock as it is throbbing, waiting, not knowing when his invite will be given.

Melanie spread Victoria’s legs apart so she could taste and lick what she had been fondling. Kissing her torso and smelling her flesh made her own arousal even greater as she could feel her own juices flowing. Reaching the point between Victoria’s legs, she let her tongue lightly touch her clit and Victoria let out a another gasp.Her body tightened and relaxed in release of quick spasms. The joy and splendor of the sexual experience as her mind raced back and forth and she breathed deep and heavy with sexual excitement.

He stood there with his cock throbbing, wanting some of that pussy so much. Not sure how much longer he could wait, especially watching Melanie lick his girlfriend’s pussy. Her ass in the air, her legs slightly parted exposing her shaved pussy, staring at him while listening to his girlfriend moan with pleasure. He just couldn’t handle all the sexual energy that was unfolding in front of him. He stood there waiting for his cue, like an actor waiting to go on stage to perform.

Victoria turned tables and pulled Melanie up on top of her, kissing her even harder, tasting her own juices on her lips. This heightened her sexual tension even more making her pussy spasm with the need of more tongue, finger or cock. She reached down and began fingering Melanie’s pussy which she found wet and ready for her fingers, as they probed her folds and Melanie let out some moans of pleasure of feeling her fingers pressing deep into her cavern. Victoria kept kissing her, but lightly, with a more tenderly. She felt Melanie’s body mold into her. Her breasts pressed into hers and she was so aroused by her body, lips and hands. She was all she wanted in her first bisexual encounter.

He couldn’t hold on much longer and began stroking his cock. It throbbed in his hand, leaking fluid from its tip. Licking his lips wanting so much to taste that wet pussy of Melanie’s as Victoria was fingering it. He knew he would have to give equal attention to both, but he wanted to sink his hard cock deep into Melanie’s pussy that was staring at him. Who to choose first? His girlfriend Victoria or Melanie?

Victoria pulled her finger from Melanie’s wet cavern and tasted her juices, then kissed Melanie again. Smiled at Melanie and they both looked him watching and waiting as he cocked waved in the air. He had a smile on his face and they motioned for him to join them.

He walked to the edge of the bed and the two of them knelt in front of him and both began licking and stroking his cock. Each of them took turns sucking on his cock as he looked down and watched. Their lips painted red as they took turns letting his cock slide in and out of each of their mouths. His balls tightened. But with four hands on his cock and balls one of them began to pull on them. Stretching them. Then the two of them took turns sucking and licking his balls. Alternating from his cock to his balls. His mind was ready to explode with all the sensation he was feeling as the two woman played with his hard cock like it was a toy to play with. Now who is in control?

Both of them looked up at him smiling and led him by his cock onto the bed. As they both were stroking his wet cock they began kissing. Melanie laid back on the bed as Victoria began to lick her clit still stroking his cock. He knelt between Melanie’s legs and Victoria still stroking his cock pulled it closer to Melanie’s wet pussy lips waiting for his throbbing cock. Victoria turned to him and began sucking his cock again. Making it wet and slippery in her mouth. Only inches away she pulled his cock out of her mouth and pressed it into Melanie’s waiting pussy.

This story has been in the making for a couple of months. Though not completed, I wanted to share. Yes, I know I kept you hanging. Sometimes the words flow and sometimes they just stop, just as they have here.

I would like your feedback; positive and negative. Let me know what you think. How should it end? Suggestions? Ideas? I welcome all comments.

Thanks for reading.


Found this post for you on Tumblr

Does life get in the way of our sexual pleasure?  Is worry and frustration of the daily grind overtaking your passion of the want or need of sexual release?  Has life become so routine that you’ve forgotten how to enjoy oneself?

You’re not alone.

Trying hard to find that spot. That sweet spot between the ears not just the one between your legs. That place that was once filled with joy, passion and excitement of pure unleashed pleasure.

I need to find it again. For have I lost myself within the piles of that mental to do list?

~ Victoria

Mind Dump II

To all my followers and readers this may not be your typical hot erotic story, but it is my exercise in writing and I want to share it with you.  As you read it, you can take it apart in pieces and see what I am trying to accomplish. I am working at “unclogging” my thoughts and this is the best place for me to do it.  I still hope you enjoy reading this and I would appreciate your feedback; positive or negative.

~ Victoria

Part 1

It’s hot.  The lights are flashing and the music is loud.  Drinks are flowing from bottles into overflowing glasses.  Bodies moving to the beat.  Hot and sweaty bodies touching and pulling at each other. Heels clicking on the floor but are softened by the sound of the music that is driving the bodies to move in a wave that is never-ending. Skirts swirling as round tight bottoms move back and forth as if they are fucking as they move across the floor attached to long legs attached to the latest fashion shoes.  Pants tight with the anticipation of what may be under the skirts. Oh the moisture in their panties with the thought of brushing against something hard while moving towards each other.  Hands groping and grabbing, bare flesh and tightly covered skin.  Tightly wrapped breasts in all sizes, bounce within their covers, as if cheering on those that watch from the sidelines. Desire is the scent that is intermixed with aroma of perfumes and colognes of the bodies, with a hint of sweet sweat. The movement of bodies is never-ending and continues on and on. Time has stopped within this box that holds all these bodies.

Part 2

The drudgery of daily reality. Wake to a body and the routine of sex begins the day. Make the coffee and care for the pets. Shower and dress and out the door. Trudge through the day and feed into the rat race. Cold weather and bundled up. Mind wonders to other thoughts along with all the things to do, get done, who to call, what to do and so on and so on. The endless list that runs like a loop in your mind. No easing up on the drive or the racing inside your head. Stop here, stop there. Run this errand, get this done. The day isn’t half way over. Work isn’t over when you return home. Demand of needs to those that can’t speak that depend upon you to care for them. Your mind is still going but your body wants to stop. Must keep going, get it done, but it can’t all get done. Imagination is soaked up by the daily responsibilities. Fantasy has become like a damp blanket that neither keeps you warm or ever dries out. Buried deep inside the recesses of your mind.  Dig it out! Dry it out! Bring it up so it floats to the surface so you can find it again. Go to bed. Tomorrow is another day of the routine.

Part 3

Touch me and let me feel alive. Kiss me good morning. Bring that fantasy to life and let me play it out in real time now! Erase the darkness and bring it to light. Feel alive. NOW! Start it NOW! Wake it up and let me scream it from the top of the trees or the depth of soul as we intertwine with each other in that moment of pure pleasure and passion. The hardness of your cock. The wetness of my pussy as you lick my folds and make me arch my back. Let it loose. Unravel the stress of the day, the night or what is wrapped so tightly in my mind. Stop the racing. Let me flow with passion as we join together, with your cock pushing inside me as I release the stress and let it flow out of me as I cum with a hard orgasm and the juices flow from me. Feel my pussy tighten and loosen as the stress of my orgasm and body is being unraveled. Your hands gripping my ass as you climax releasing your own tension and you fill my cavern with your hot juice. Letting go of your own stress. Your grip loosens as we become two again. Letting go as the realization of the day comes crashing in. Get up and make the coffee and care for those that can’t care for themselves.

Shower, dress and out the door. Enter the race and the mind is beyond the speed of light of all the things on that to-do list loop that has been running since you kissed me good morning.

A Hard Sunny Morning

The morning sun warms my flesh
shining through the window.

I blink.

Morning comes quickly.

The room brightens.

How is today going to be?
I ask myself.

I blink.

I feel your body warm under the covers.

I hear you breathing softly, you are not quite awake.

You roll over and hold me.

Your touch still awakes my body.

But it’s my mind that isn’t awake or is it?

It swirls and spins.
Races through thoughts back and forth.

You open your eyes and look at me.

I blink.

Yes it is a hard sunny morning.

You kiss me and say you love me.

I’m ready for your hard sunny morning.

I blink.


I feel you crawl into bed. The warmth of your body against mine arouses me but my slumber keeps me imprisoned.

You rub the roundness of my ass and kiss me lightly on the back of the neck. I stir slightly as my unconscious self begins to awaken.

I move my leg and rub it against yours, feeling every hair as your hand moves up my body and cups my breasts. You whisper in my ear, but I don’t hear you.

I turn to face you, meeting your lips and feeling the tenderness of them and I wrap myself around you and you pull me tight to your body. We hold each other as if we have no space other than the area we share and if we’re to let go, one of us would fall off into an abyss.

The warmth and heat is felt under the sheets and through our flesh as we embrace tighter.

I am awake.

Your body pressed tightly into mine and I feel the passion of your want growing.  Growing hard.  Your cock is pressed against my body.

You pull at my panties and I assist you with removing them from my body as you press your fingers deep in to the folds of my pussy.  Feeling the heat of my want as it grows deep from within my soul.

You reach down and remove your undergarments with a quickness that is to waste no time.  Pulling my nightshirt over my head, you cup my breasts tightly. Letting your mouth move down to suck on my nipples, hard.  I pull your hair back away from your face and you bring your mouth back up to meet my lips as our tongues play with each other.

Your cock is pressing hard against my folds wanting into the warmth that is encased within them.  The wetness is building as the head of your cock pushes inward.  Deep with one plunge, you fill me with your hardness.

I release and gasp and the sudden intrusion of your cock, but it is pleasure that is expelled from lips.  The pleasure you bring me in the dark of the night.

I wrap my legs around you feeling your hardness move inside me as your lips are still pressed against mine.  I raise my arms above my head and keep them there.  Submissive to you.

You pull back from me and tell me to bend over.

I position myself with my ass in the air and press my face into the covers.

Grabbing hold of my hips you push your hardness deep into me with one thrust.  I gasp with the suddenness of your action.  The pleasure has risen and I holler with the joy of the passion as I climax with the ecstasy of your cock penetrating me.

Tighter you hold my flesh as you impale me.  I am wet with cum as I cant stop my own orgasm, nor do I want to.  Faster you move as your cock slides in and out of my pussy with ease as my juices flow from me.

Your fingers tight on the flesh of my hips as you explode with a feverish delivery of hot cum.  I join you with my own exalting exclamation.  You fill my void with wetness as your cock continues to pulse out its hot fluid.

Collapsing on the bed, we pull the covers over us. Finding our own space to begin our slumber.

Sleep until the morning, when we embrace the day and do it all over again.

Yes, Daddy is back.