For You – A Poem

Hold me in your arms,
Let me feel your warm embrace.
Kiss me with your lips
Let me know how you taste.

Strip me of my clothes
Until we are naked to each other.
Touch me with your hands
So I don’t desire another.

Let me know all you desire
For all I want to do is please you.
I am open to your thoughts and wants
I share my intimacy with you too.

Are you in my head and heart?
Can you read my thoughts?
For I feel you close to me
Even when we are apart.

Touch me like no other
Your hands soft but firm
Run your tongue over my hot folds
Feel me quiver and squirm.

Make wet with passion, with lust
Make me want you more today.
Take me to that special place
Where only you know the way.

Make me wet, make me cum
With your hard member deep inside me.
As I open myself to you
And you feel the heat released from me.

I give to you my intimate embrace
I hold nothing from you as you penetrate
Feeling you deep inside me
As I scream of joy of this moment.

I am forever yours
I carry you in my heart
You will remain there forever
Never to leave, never to part.

This is for You
You know who you are
I wear you on my skin
A constant reminder of who has my heart.

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