Hello –

My name is Victoria J. James and I write erotic short stories not just for your pleasure but mine too. I want to raise your senses and take my reader to a level that is deep within my soul and yours. To feel the raw sexual energy, the passion and the desire I have within me and share it with all if you.

Let me take you on my mental sexual ride through the depths of my mind as I explore my own fantasies; some real, some not so real, by adding the element of the need to be satisfied.

Join me as I venture into this world of eroticism. You won’t be sorry.

Stay Wet – Stay Hard!



  1. 🙂

    Keep your eyes on http://wp.me/p2KEP9-uP for your Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

    • Thank you for the notification! I am very humbled over the announcement. FYI – Your link takes you to a blank page, so I take it is “under-construction”.
      Thank You!

  2. john mark

    Victoria can you recommend one of your short stories where a man seduces and beds a woman

    • Hello John

      Most of my stories are seduction of the mind using passion and mutual desire. Some are quick and dirty with little leading up to the act of sex and others give you a full background with visuals for your mind.

      You can try one of the following:

      The Rest Stop Part 1
      Stockings and Lace
      Can You Drive Stick (mutual sexual desire)

      Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

      Please feel free to view any from my collection. Please don’t hesitate to inquire of any of them or if you have any questions or comments.

      I hope that helps you.



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