From Foreplay to the Climax

The music starts softly, just like in the beginning of Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber.

Soft and slow are his kisses on her lips.  His lips are soft on hers, as she parts her lips letting his tongue begin to explore her mouth and she feels herself becoming vulnerable to him with just his lips on hers.

His hands move over her flesh and he feels the heat from her skin as the strings begin to become louder in the orchestra and her breathing is beginning to get deeper.  She feels the tension rising in her body with his movement closer to her body and he holds her tighter. Pulling her into his embrace, pressing his chest to hers.  He feels her heart beating in her chest.  Her breathing stronger as he holds her tighter.

The violins and cellos are deep and smooth in movement as you feel the tension in the music building becoming almost like a sound of ascending to heaven.

He holds her tighter, his lips on hers and his hands moving across her skin as she is returning the embrace, the kissing and the feeling of his flesh against hers.  She is melting under his touch and he can feel it.

The pitch is so high as if the angels are witnessing this event.

Pushing her to the bed the tempo begins to change.  It is heavier with their breathing as the violins and cellos are now descending again.

Exploring one anothers’ body, they take the time to look upon the body of each other.  Take in the texture of the flesh.  Feeling their breathing take a hold of them.  Hers now steady but still deep as she licks her lips in anticipation of what is to happen next.  Silence.

He undresses her slowly, letting his hands direct the movement of his mind.  He feels himself aroused at the heat she is giving off from the raw sexual energy he is feeling from her skin.  His cock is getting harder in his pants as it too wants to feel her skin.  The softness of her skin brush against it.  The sensitive part of her inner thighs against his sensitive head.

He grabs her breasts in his hands and the flutes and the clarinets begin of Symphony Fantistique by Berlioz is now playing.  The violins adding the texture and depth to the feelings being felt through their touch.

Her nipples are hard and he suckles them, licking them as he moves his mouth from one to the other.  She watches him closely, letting her fingers run through his hair and now the violins are playing as if to tease with the chase of desire.  The feeling of lust and want is deep and the playfulness between the two of them can be felt through their flesh.

Her pussy is becoming wet and she feels the energy building deep within her as he pulls himself back from her to unbutton her pants and pull them off.  He wants to undress her, the strings of the violin are being plucked as he removes them.  The playfulness of the clarinets, french horns and the violins are again playing.  Deeper and more intense as he stands to remove his pants.

The kettle drums are heavy as he feels his cock so hard and throbbing as he pulls his pants off, both vulnerable to each other.  The music picks up and then slows just as his actions do as he climbs back on top of her to resume his position, but this time they are naked to each other.

Feeling the rush of desire, they slow the pace, but the music is saying something else as.  Explore the flesh, explore the mind.  Use your touch to explore the soul.

He brings his lips up to hers.  Gentle he is, and then more aggressive as his tongue probes and explores her mouth searching, searching for her tongue to dance with.

He moves his hand down between her legs to find the soft folds of her pussy that are hot and ready for him, but it is not in a hurry, he wants to take his time.  The music, the sound of the violins pick up and slow down with his exploration.  He wants to taste her.

He pulls back from her to reposition himself to have access to her wetness.

But first he lets his hands move across her skin, softly and gentle as the violins slow down and become deep in sound.  Thick with need is his cock, like the music playing as it deepens and slows in tempo.  Explore.

His mouth reaches the source of her heat and the clarinet brings up the rear as the violins become faster and her breathing is matching the depth of the music with its quickness.  His tongue begins to explore her folds and finds her swollen nub while his fingers begin to slowly probe her folds finding the source of her heat and wetness.

His cock is still throbbing for attention as the lonely sound of the oboes are heard.  His tongue is moving slower than the music and his fingers find the spot to release her liquid as she climaxes with the penetration of his finger.

He is gentle with his tongue as the violins soften and are almost eerie as she releases the sexual tension that is long and low.  He hums on her pussy creating a vibration that she feels throughout her body.  Her breathing slower but still deep and rhythmic.  She pulls at his flesh as she climaxes, the first of many he will give her.

His cock still throbs for attention.  Attention that he wants to give her, he wants back in exchange.  He moves himself so his cock is in touch with her body.  She knows all to well he wants to perform 69, so she is eager to please him.

The harp can be heard as the strings, cello and violins are now back in the session, the clarinets heard and she wraps her lips around the head of his cock.

They move in motion with each other as they begin to pleasure each other.

His cock fills her mouth and the sensation of his lips on her pussy is almost too much for her to handle as she can feel another climax beginning to build.

Silence again.

She pulls his cock out of her mouth to breath and to catch her breathe.

Softness of the music of the as it slows down, he still licking and probing her pussy that is now wet and hot from the intensity of her orgasms.  He is enjoying the taste of her only wanting to taste more.  Licking as the the music begins to build up again.  His cock throbbing as she licks his head and strokes it.

She places his cock back in her wet cave as her tongue circles the head toying with it, playing with it as she fondles his balls, feeling the tension beginning to build in him.  His cock throbbing more and more.  The violins, cellos, woodwinds and brass section builds then slows almost to a complete stop.

The flutes pick up with just a picking of the violin strings.

He can’t cum, not just yet.

He pulls his cock out of her mouth and moves his body around to face her. Pressing his body between her legs, spreading them apart to make room for his body and he stares at her with the passion and desire that the music is now playing.  Soft and playful but filled with so much want.  Dancing as they are with their bodies as he maneuvers himself to feel all her body, but he doesn’t allow his cock to enter her just yet.  Slow and methodical he is with his movements just like the orchestra is playing out this movement.

Running his fingers through her hair, he stares at her and places his lips lightly on hers as their tongues play again with each other and she can taste herself on his lips.  Her tongue moving across them lightly and slowly, wanting to feel them, feel the whiskers of his mustache on her taste buds.  Take him in as the pressure of his body is on hers but the weight is not there, for he is all of her desires.

Running her feet up his legs moving them up and down, using the soles and heels of her feet, she wants to feel his flesh, the warmth and the energy he is emitting.  She takes all it in to her senses.

The kettle drums are deep as the oboe makes another entrance.  The tension building in him like the sound of the drums; deep and heavy.

The head of his cock begins to push on the folds of her pussy.  Probing wanting to be deep inside that warm cave.  Longing for that wetness and the heat that it is putting off.  He can feel it on his cock.

Pushing his cock in slowly the bassoons begin as the kettle drums and the brass section begin to enter with a deep thrust.

She wraps her legs around his hips and he moves into her and she meets his thrusts and now french horns, trombones and trumpets play as if announcing his entrance into her hot pussy. Grabbing hold of him tighter, she climaxes again.  Her hot fluid flowing from her and she tightens on his cock with the spasms of her orgasm.

Their hips meeting and she digs her finger into his back.  Their tongues feverishly fighting for attention, his cock probing and penetrating her with each thrust. The music is climaxing, but he can’t cum yet.  No not just yet.

Rolling over in a swift movement she positions her feet under his ass cupping them, as she moves her hips slowly, pressing her pussy harder onto him. What a feeling as the french horns make a bellowing sound and the strings create the tension of this new dance.

The Dream of the Witches.

She is moving harder as she rides him and lets her hair fall into her face and she throws her head back letting herself become lost with the movement of her own body with his.

He grabs hold of his hips, tightly, creating finger marks in her flesh and she can’t feel a thing.  She is in a trance.  A dance with herself and his cock as the tuba and the violins are now dancing with one another, creating an eerie sound that only she hears in her soul.  She rides him.  Pressing and pulling. Gyrating herself into a frenzy of movements.  Oblivious to him staring at her as she climaxes again.  She screams out in the pleasure of his cock inside her. “Fuck me!”

Her fingers are pulling at his chest and cums with force and tightens her pussy on his cock still throbbing deep inside her.  Penetrating her hot wetness that is gushing liquid from her cave and now running down his balls and she can’t control her orgasms.  He doesn’t want her to as they play this movement to the end.  The very end.

She collapses on top of him. Their lips meet as they are slow but still showing the pleasure of the kiss.  Gentle at first again as their tongues take the lead and show more than their lips are willing to admit.  Hot desire and lust.  Passion and need to have that feeling.  To fulfill all that want in this unbridled dance of sex and pleasure.

Rolling her over, grabbing her legs and pulling them up over his shoulders he wastes no time but showing her just how much pleasure he is willing to give her.

The full orchestra is now climaxing as he thrust his cock deeper inside her.  Penetrating her as his cock is throbbing and he cannot take anymore and releases his hot liquid deep inside her.  Filling her cavity and she clenches his cock with her pussy.  Tightening it around his shaft and she feels every pulsating movement of his cock and she release a gush of hot liquid from her own source to match his.

Sweat beads up on their skin as the final movement of the orchestra is coming to an end.  One final thrust and he is spent.  His cock is now empty.  Her pussy filled with their own juices that they share.

He collapses.  She breaths deeper as she is now empty of all her sexual frustration of want and desire for him.

Still gripping him tightly, their lips meet, to end the symphony of pleasure.  Her legs still wrapped around him, she slowly begins to release them and lets her feet follow the trail down his legs where they had started earlier.


  1. Primalnights

    Loved it! I intend to come back and read everything you’ve written. My only complaint is that I was not the one there!

    One note. You read one of my pieces (thank you) so I clicked on your picture and it took me to the page with your avatar. But your blog address is not there to click on so I had to type in your web address. I would venture that some people wouldn’t bother or know to do that. 🙂

    • Thanks for the compliment. I appreciate the feedback.
      Not sure about the avatar and it not taking you to my page, it should. I will have to see if I can “fix” that.


      • Thank you for returning my message. I would just love it if we could talk about my questions by phone my number is 949 923 0043 l have a rock hard bone as I write this

      • Not sure about your questions, none on your comment you sent…but are You Jerry or Primalnights or are you one-in-the-same?
        So, because of that, I am not sure I would call you. We would have to see.

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