Not Knowing


The love & the desire one possesses for another person can never be denied or compared.

Heartache is part of loss of that ONE person you desire when the realization comes that they aren’t there anymore. The loss is not due to death, but from them not being honest enough to face you and tell you what you deserve to hear.

What lives on is the memory of times & moments shared; conversation, thoughts, ideas and feelings.

This is my confession.

Loving a man that isn’t yours is the hardest to deal with when they aren’t there anymore. Knowing that what you shared was beyond more than you have ever had or imagined. The one that inspires you and compliments you.  Your kindred spirit.

No, I’m not stopping who I am or what I have become, because of him, You are reading this and I will continue to write.

I was his mistress, his Sorceress and he was my Wizard.

We shared life, ideas, thoughts, emotions, feelings and flesh, if even for a short time. I will never forget him because of this, but I will move forward with a vengeance that will show Him and everyone else, I will overcome this and be better because of it and all of you will be witness to this.

To Me, Victoria, I will be victorious through this pain.

You will continue to read more of my erotic tales and stories. I will continue to share my imagination and fantasies with all of you, my audience.

My Muse - My Wizard - My "J"

My Muse – My Wizard – My “J”

You have not heard the last of me “J” if you are reading this now.



  1. tallulahrose

    I feel you pain.. Been there my love… But you will go on to something so much better. Just try to stay strong. Big hugs to you…xx

    • Thank you Tallula Rose – I know I will. I know it is out there too waiting for me. Funny thing – I just got off the phone with “him” and the loss is felt on both ends. We served a purpose in each others lives and because of him, I will be strong and he knows it.

      Was thinking of contacting you regarding your “guest” writers. I want to PM you my bio and let me know what else you may need. Send me your email address and I will send you a bio today.

      Hugs to You Too! And many happy smiles!

      • tallulahrose

        If it has no future you are better off moving on… It took me a long time to recover because I was accepted in his world and not kept a dirty secret. I still think about him from time to time but I do have to respect his choice and so that’s that…xx

        Mail me –

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