Dance For You

Watching the clock tick by, she decided to surprise him when he got home.

Pulling out the stockings and garter belt she laid them on the bed.  Next she needed an over-sized shirt.  Lace bra and thong, which was all she needed.  Clothing picked the only thing next to do was shoes and music and that would be easy.

Knowing he had just worked a double shift and he would be tired not only from work, but the hour and half commute home, she wanted to excite him in more ways that just one.  She hadn’t done this for awhile for him and she was becoming aroused just thinking about it.

Getting herself dressed, music ready, she went applied make-up just right to make it that much more exciting, some bright red lipstick.  He loved her lips.

He always complimented her on her lips the shape of them, her licking them, the way they caressed his cock and kissed his.  She began to salivate thinking of sucking his cock.  Mmmm, the thought of sucking his cock was getting her wet.

Any minute he would be home.  She poured two glasses of wine and placed them on the table and waited.

The anticipation only made her more aroused.  She ran her hands up her legs over the stockings exciting herself with her touch.  Her pussy was getting wet and she began to fondle herself while sitting there with her legs spread. Cupping her breast and playing with her clit through her thong she was beginning to get aroused, but she didn’t want to climax before he got there, she wanted to save all this sexual tension for him.

Hearing his car pull into the driveway, she looked out the window and watched him walk up the path to the door.  Picking up the glasses of wine and stood there dressed and posing in the most provocative way she could.  Her long dark hair flowed over her shoulders and down the front of the white shirt.  She was ready.

He walked in and wasn’t expecting this, not at all.  Though he was so tired from working 16 hours straight and the commute, his cock was ready and told him so as soon as he saw her.  She greeted him with a smile and extended the glass of wine to him and giving him a soft kiss on the lips as to not get lipstick on him, and ran her tongue across them and let it slide over his mustache.  She loved licking his mustache; it ran shivers up her spine.

Giving him an opportunity to at least look at her and they said their evening greetings to each other.  She took the glass from his hand and placed it on the table.  She wanted to please him from this moment on.  She took his coat off for him and placed it on the back of a chair.  Grabbing his hand, she led him to the other room which she had already set up.

There was a single chair in the middle of the room.  She led him to the chair and told him to sit down and handed him his glass of wine.

“I have something special for you.” She told him.

Taking a sip of her wine she placed her wine down and picked up the remote for the ipod and picked a song.  One she really wanted to dance to.  Selecting a Lenny Kravitz song, “I Belong to You” was a good warm up song to start off with.

As the song started she leaned into him sitting in the chair, looking deeply into his eyes, her lips so close to his, he could feel her breath, she told him, “No matter what I do to you, you can’t touch me.”  He had no idea what was in store for him and he sipped his wine slowly watching her as she turned and walked away from him.

Turning so her back was too him, she began to move to the music.  Slowly bending over so the back of the shirt rose above her stockings and he could get a clear view of her ass and pussy lips pressed into her thong.  She slowly ran her hands up her legs and was back into the standing position and she turned to him.

Running her hands up and down her arms and across her chest allowing him to see her fondle her body through her clothing, moving her hips in a circular motion he was becoming aroused and his cock was beginning to get hard.

She grabbed the placket of her shirt and opened it up so he could see the lace bra that held her breasts firmly in place and she ran her hands over them as she moved closer to him. Letting her hands roam over her body and dancing to the music, she continually enticed him, seducing him with her excitement of touching herself.

Squatting in front of him as she moved her hips back and forth to the music and as she moved even closer to him, she ran her fingers down his arm.  Circling him in the chair as he sat there watching her wanting to touch her so badly as she reappeared in front of him.

Putting the toe of her shoe in-between his legs, she moved closer to him but didn’t touch him with her lips or hands, but just wanted to tease him. Slowly she ran her hands over her body, pulling up the bottom of the shirt; he could see the garter and her black lace thong as her hand disappeared in-between her legs as she slowly caressed her pussy through her panties.  Never missing a beat of the music, still moving her hips, arms and hands, she backed up and again turned her back to him.

She ran her hands up her own back from her ass up, pulling up her shirt in the back she bent over so he could see all of her ass and crotch, than looking over her shoulder at him, she knew he couldn’t take much more.  She wasn’t done yet though.

The grand finale was about to start.  Slowly walking back to him still seated in the chair hold his wine, she took the glass from his hand, placing it on the table.  She straddled him in the chair and lowered her hips down onto his legs.  She ground her hips into his cock so she could feel his hardness through his pants against her pussy, only separated by his jeans and her thong.  Feeling his hard cock pressed against her like this only excited her and she knew she was getting wet.  Dancing excited her, but doing this for him only made it worse.  She was so aroused dancing for him.

She moved her lips close to his, but only let her tongue move across them.  Feeling his breath on her lips and again letting her tongue caress them and his mustache.  Oh that mustache.  She could eat him up right now, but she would wait.

Pushing her pussy into his hard cock through his pants, she knew he couldn’t take much more so she slowly stood up and pulled herself away from him, only to turn herself around and lifted up her shirt so her ass was only inches away from his face.  Moving her hips back and forth she lowered her self onto his crotch, but only to grind her ass into his cock and than stood up abruptly and turned around to face him again.  The ultimate tease and she was doing it so well.

Beginning to unbutton her shirt and allowing it to slide from her body as the song was still playing and let it fall to the floor.  Standing there close enough that he could touch her, but he didn’t.  His cock was so hard in his pants he was about ready to pull it out, but he stopped from doing that, because he too wanted her to do it.

She ran her hands up her body from her knees to her breasts up around her neck, and down her arms.  Letting her arms extend out to touch him slowly down his arms still gyrating her hips in the air to the music and allowing her self to enjoy the moment of teasing him and exciting herself.

Her fingers ran down his chest and she moved closer to him, straddling his legs as she moved her hips back and forth and letting her hands roam his body.  He looked up to her as she continued to tease him to a point his cock was ready to burst out of his pants. She lowered her body until her crotch was rubbing up against his cock that was bursting in his pants.

She brought her lips to his and let her tongue trace them, while her hands ran through his hair, down his shoulders and his arms.  Grinding her pussy down onto his cock, she let him know that she enjoyed this and wanted him.  He couldn’t take much more of this teasing as the song came to an end and the next one started; “Can’t get you off of My Mind.”

Brushing her face against his check, her hair fell into his face as she ran her tongue across his ear and licked his earlobe.  She sucked on it and slowly bit it with her teeth raising the awareness of the sensitivity that ran through his body.  He felt the sexual energy flow and that was it, no more teasing from her.

Grabbing her around the waist, he stood up and holding on to her waist with one arm and her ass with the other.  She knew the teasing had gotten to him and she too was so aroused she could feel the wetness in her pussy building.

Holding onto her body and walking into the bedroom he put her on the bed.  She reached up and undid his pants and he pulled his shirt off.  He removed his shoes and pushed his pants off as she started stroking his cock.  Licking her lips as they watched each other, he knew she wanted to suck on his hard member.

She placed her red lips around the head of his cock as she began to let his cock move into her mouth that was warm and waiting.  He reached down with one hand and fondled her breasts pinching her nipples that were already hard and pink, but he made them even a deeper rose color by rubbing and pinching them.

His cock disappeared into her mouth that was wet and she sucked on it while letting her tongue move across the head raising his arousal and she felt it becoming harder in her mouth.  Stroking and sucking on it she let her free hand massage his balls and used it to rub the inside of his legs.

Watching her suck his cock made him so excited, he had to taste her pussy.  Knowing her pussy would be wet by now and he couldn’t wait to probe it with his tongue and fingers.

Releasing his cock from her mouth he pushed her back across the bed and pushed her legs apart and climbing between them to get to her secret spot.  Letting his tongue and lips run across her swollen lips finding her clit hard and exposed, he flicked it with his tongue. Pushing his finger into her wetness past her pussy lips she shriek with delight of the feeling and came immediately.  She knew he could always make her orgasm with just the slightest touch of his tongue or lips on her pussy.

He licked and sucked on her clit as the wetness flowed from her.  He licked every drop of it up, so warm on his tongue, pulling his finger out of her and sucking off the juices.  He loved the taste of her pussy, but his cock wanted in too.   His cock throbbed to feel the depth and warmth of that hole.

Still fingering her, he moved his tongue up her stomach and began to just lick and kiss her torso.  She was so aroused by his touch; she could feel another orgasm building.  He looked up at her and could see the desire and passion in her face and eyes as her breathing became deeper and harder.

“I want to feel you inside me.” She said to him.

He stopped abruptly, pulling his finger out of her warm pussy, and licking it one last time, he grabbed hold of his cock and pushed it into her hot hole.

Having an immediate orgasm from the invasion of his throbbing cock in her wet pussy, it pulsed and convulsed tightly on his cock.  Raising the height of pleasure for both them, as she bit her bottom lip and hollered in pure raw pleasure at the feeling he was giving her.

Pushing it as deep into her as it would go. His balls were smacking the ass as he continued to pump himself into her and she met every thrust of his cock with her hips.  Grabbing and pulling on him, wrapping her legs and arms around him.  Digging her finger into his arms and back and pulling him down to her body.

Their lips met and did not separate.  Their tongues intertwined like their bodies, never ending, becoming one with each other.  Wrapping his arms underneath her to hold her tightly as he pushed and thrust his cock into her wetness, he could tell he wouldn’t last much longer and he came with force and aggressiveness.

She also orgasmed with force and screamed with delight of the feeling of his cock throbbing as it spewed his hot cum deep inside her.  His cock throbbed against the spasms of her pussy as it tightened and loosened around it.

Raising so much passion between them, this dance she gave him was one of many and ended with the pleasure of the dance of his cock inside her.  She would definitely surprise him again in the future.


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    • Thanks for the comment – but it is not in English so I can’t read it. But I hope you enjoyed the story.

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