The Phone Call

The phone rings and she hears his voice on the other end.


“Hey Babe. How are you doing?” He asks.

“I’m doing good. How are you?”

“Things are well. I woke up thinking of you.” He says.

“Well that is nice. I guess you woke up with a hard-on than”

Laugh, “Yes I did. You have been on my mind a lot lately. I miss talking to you.” He says to her.

“Well you know how to reach me. I haven’t gone anywhere.”

“I want to see you again.” He says to her.

“You know that can happen but you have to get rid of someone before I will agree to spend time with you. What, didn’t things work out the way you wanted them too?”

“No, they didn’t. Things are about the same, no real change.” He replies “I miss your humor and laughter, she has none of that. I can’t talk to her like I talk to you.”

“You just miss me running my hands over your body and letting my lips touch yours. The way I can suck your cock and make you so hard and my tongue running over your head.”

“Yes, I do miss the way you touch me, but not just that. I need some “good” sex.” He states with intention.

“But see, you have to be here with me to enjoy all these things, not two hours away. I can give you GREAT sex, but you have settled for mediocre sex. I make your skin crawl with desire as I let my hands explore your body. Me running my fingertips up the inside of your legs and grabbing hold of your cock and stroking it as I kiss you that is what you miss.”

“I do miss that. I miss feeling your body against mine and I want to feel that again.” He says, “But you know I just can’t take off to come see you every weekend.”

“You have a choice. You know what it is. I know where I am and where I am going. It is not like I don’t desire you; all of you. But you have decided to stay where you are. I would love to be able to please you again, because you brought me so much pleasure. I miss having your lips on mine, your hands on my body and feeling your cock deep inside me. Just thinking about it now excites me and gets me wet.”

“Maybe I can take off during the week and come see you. Would that work for you?” he asks.

“I don’t know. I have gotten busy with work lately. We could just talk about pleasing each other and all that we used to do if you want. I could start by saying the way your lips move across mine. Feeling your tongue touch my body making me wet. Having your hands grabs my breasts and you suck on my nipples making them hard and pink. Letting your tongue run down my body and you find my clit that is already swollen as you probe my pussy with your finger making me cum immediately and you lick all my juices. Yes, I do miss that; I miss it a great deal.”

“I can do that for you again if you want?” He states to her.

“Or the way I would masturbate while you talked to me early in the morning while you drove to work and you could hear all the sexual tension in my voice as I would climax while talking about all the things you would do to me. Or when I would video tape myself masturbating and that tasting my own juices and how that turns you on. You do miss that don’t you?

“Fuck, Victoria, your videos always made me fucking hard and I do miss that a lot.” He replied. “Why can’t we just continue where we left off?”

“How about the way your cock felt in my pussy. All warm and wet and I would tighten it around you like a glove. Making me cum all over your cock and you would fuck me and I would tell you how good your cock felt inside me. You do miss that don’t you?”

“I do miss fucking you. I really need some good sex and a good blow job. Why don’t I take a day off and come down and spend it with you? What day works for you?” He asked.

“You have said that so many times before Jay and something has always happened and you couldn’t make it. You think I don’t miss your lips on mine, your mustache on my face, your body pressed against mine as I wrap my legs around you and pull you into me?”

“I really do miss feeling your legs around my body and the way you would use your feet and run them up my legs and across my back. God I miss that. I will come down. I will definitely come and see you. It will happen, it will be soon, I promise.” He said back to her.

“Jay, I know you want to see me, but as I stated before, unless you rid yourself of your current situation it will never be more than this; a fantasy. I miss you a great deal too. I miss feeling your body pressed against mine and how I can wrap my legs around you and lock my ankles, wrap my arms around you and hold you against me. I have yet to meet a man that turns me on like you do just by talking to them.”

“It will happen I tell you!” he responded quickly.

“But see Jay, you can end this at anytime.”

“Why did you say that? What would make you think that?” He asked briskly.

“Because eventually you won’t need me anymore.”

“I miss talking to you so much. I can’t talk to her like I do you.” He pleaded to her.

“Jay, I love you, but I want more. I want all of it. I just don’t want your body. I want all of you! Not just the sex but ALL of YOU!”

“I can’t give that to you right now. I’m not sure I will ever be able to give it to you.” He replied, still sounding desperate.

“I would like so much to have you in bed with me right now. I miss feeling you next to me as I run my hands across your chest, letting my fingertips dance their way across your body, feeling your skin so warm and smooth. I do miss that a great deal.”

“I know you do and I miss feeling the way you touch me. I don’t get that at home and I want it from you. Why not I do come down and see you? We could have some good sex and spend the day together. I could get there early in the morning and stay all day with you!” He said becoming very begging in his tone.

“For as much as I want you, desire you and share passion with you, I know and You know that it won’t happen. And seeing each other just one more time will only make it worse and we will both want more. I want you so bad! That I will not deny, that and how I feel about you. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that to you.”

“I want it to continue! Please Victoria, let me see you again!” He begged.

“No, Jay. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. You have your life and I have mine. We shared a great deal in the last 7 to 8 months and I will treasure it for as long as I live. But it can’t continue because I deserve more and you can’t give me what I want. I think it is best to just say our byes and move on. I Love You Jay and always will.”

“I can’t say goodbye, it is too final and we don’t know what the future holds. I Love You too Victoria, and I want to see you again!” he said still pleading.

“Let’s just say this; all this happened for a reason and I am not sorry about it, and we both wish it was different, but it isn’t. This is life. I have to go Jay. I wish you the best and only happiness in your life.”

“I know you do and you were right, anything is possible, so let’s not say goodbye. I will always love you and I feel the same way Victoria. I am so so sorry for all of this.” He replied.

“Love You Jay.”

“Love You too Victoria.” He replied.


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