Moments in Memory

Kiss me. Slowly so I can feel your lips and smell your scent.

Hold me. Tight. Let me feel your warmth.

Touch me. Let your hands run down my body. Feel the curves of my being.

Grab me.  Feel the fullness of my breasts.  I open up to you.

Let me feel your body pressed against mine. Your flesh feels warm against mine. I take in the full aroma of your masculinity.

Lay me down. Press your hardness against my wetness as you enter through the folds of my cave.

I release the initial wave of ecstasy of the pleasure of your being.

Take me hard, take me soft. 

Kiss me hard. Dance your tongue into my mouth. I taste you.

Press harder into me as I grip you tighter exclaiming my pleasure through words and through my body.

Let’s blend together. Mesh into one in this dance of desire. 

Continue on. Bend me and fold me to your pleasing. Make my juices flow with your hardness deep inside me.

Give me the pleasure you seek to be your own.

Exclaim your joy to me.

Let me feel your ecstasy of release as you explode inside me.

Our juices flowing into one.

The moment of complete gratification.

Grip me. Hold me. Take me into your memory as I hold you deep into mine.



The sun has lowered itself into slumber. Giving it’s companion, the moon to light the sky while it moves on.

The quiet of the house is only broken by the occasion cricket or locust that buzzes in the evening air.  The lightning bugs blink in unison as the shadows become dark and invisible.

Rest. Yes, rest.

I move to the bed to be embraced by the sheet. Empty. I hear my breathing and my heartbeat. Only myself is here to touch me.

The light from the TV dances across the sheet as I feel it move across my body in the darkness.


The place where one goes when the light of day becomes too much.

Breath. Yes, I’m breathing. The heavy sigh of the day like a boulder being lifted from my chest.

Click. The TV shuts off and the room fills with that darkness. It envelopes me; my body and mind. The dark of the night is not much different than the darkness inside my mind.

Blink. I close my eyes.

Sleep it comes slowly as I fall into the darkness.


PS – I know this isn’t erotic, filled with passion, romance or going to make you hot and filled with desire. But since I haven’t written in a long time, I am writing what I am thinking, what I feel. It doesn’t mean I won’t return to something hot and wild, I just can’t pull it out of my soul at this time.  It isn’t lost. Just buried under layers of daily grind to the point my chest hurts.

So don’t be critical all you that follow me, just be patient. Time can change a lot of things and I looking forward to where the light should be.



Hot Sweat

The stench of body odor
Pressed against mine.

The liquid that come from your pores
As we slide against each other.

Pressed tightly, gripping flesh.

Motion of bodies,
The sun heats our skin, the air motionless.

Wetness comes from my cavern
As you impale me with your hardness.

Our bodies drenched in sweat
We only feel the heat of our passion.

Lips dry but our mouths hot,
As I salivate with desire.

No friction of flesh.
You fill me with hot juices.

Flowing, sweating.
I taste your salty flesh.

The heat is intense.

The sun warms us as we separate.
Leaving our sweet sweat traced on our bodies.

Am I Evil?

This is not an erotic tale of excitement that will get you panting, make your pants tight or your panties wet. It is more of how closed minded people view erotica and how they judge those that are sexually open.

Let’s begin.

My SO (significant other) used to date his manager at his gift shop / gallery. She is religious and goes to church two times a week. Good for her. There is nothing wrong with those that feel the need to attend church that much or those that find salvation through religion.

Recently she found out that I write erotica.  Let’s just say it didn’t go over well. Not that I care.

First, I really don’t care what she thinks. I think that she is closed minded and is judgmental about a lot of people and things about life in general.  She is quick to respond or point out faults in others without seeing the person on a whole.

I know you’re probably wondering why I’m writing about this.  I guess because of some events that have taken place recently.

On Easter I baked cupcakes.  I love cupcakes.  My SO took some into work with him and offered her some. At first she was excited about having one, but when she found out I made them she made an excuse not to eat them.

Then last weekend my SO had a special event happening at his shop and had a number of vendors there. He asked me to make some turkey BBQ for him to take and serve to the vendors.  No problem,  I love to cook.

His manager wouldn’t eat it. Why? Because it was something that I created,  touched and made, and because I’m “evil” she wouldn’t eat it.

So this is what I have to say.

If you’re so uptight about what a person does for their enjoyment,  then go get a life!  If you feel I’m doing something sinful,  against God or religion;  read the Bible!  There is murder and sex throughout it.

I’m far from evil. I’m real! Always will be and I don’t plan on changing. 

Evil is the person that preys on the innocent. The one that kills, hurts or abuses the weak, the innocent and the voiceless. He who does wrong against man and or creatures of this earth with no remorse or without morals, is evil.

If saying pussy, cock or Fuck makes me evil. Then I’d rather be evil than some uptight asshole that thinks that going to church will save my soul.

So to end this…Fuck You any uptight assholes who read this and feel the need to judge me!


Oh…I will write something wet later.

Back in the Saddle

Cock, pussy, breasts, ass, skirt, wet, hardness, flesh

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Today is ….

The longing for your touch.
Your kiss.
Your hands
Touch me and feel my body move.

Touch me like the sun kisses the earth.

The dawn has arrived.

Your hardness aches.
My body aches for yours.
My wetness awaits.

Grab me softly.
Grab me hard.

My mouth waters for you.

Squeeze my breasts as I grip you.
Seek out that spot.
Feel my wetness grip your hardness.

The desire fills the morning.
The passion fills our souls.

We are one.

We explode with ecstacy of want to fulfill each others needs.

Yes, the morning has risen.
I share my deep want for you.
I feel each ripple of your body.
My mouth waters for more.

Kiss me Good Morning.

Spring Morning

Her erect nipples brushed against the sheets as he gripped her hips tightly.

Each movement of his body pushing against hers, made her wet with excitement.

Her breast swayed with the rocking motion. His thrust harder and deeper, as she exclaimed the sexual joy of his passion.

Pulling and pushing, they moved together. Joined as one in this morning exercise of dawn sexual desire.

Gripping tighter. His fingers digging into her flesh. She buried her face in the sheets. He exploded with volume and felicity as he came and she let out a cry of pleasure of her own orgasm.

The birds sang a song of Spring Morning.

Report! Report!

Recently I noticed how the exposure of my blog was increasing and views were in the thousands. I was elated to see my hard work of writing beginning to pay off.

It ended faster than a quick fart on a windy day.

My numbers dropped dramatically. No reason, they just went from thousands of views a day to maybe 100. I was like What the Fuck?!

So I put my thinking cap on and adjusted my panties and began to research it. What I found was surprising.

I’ve had this blog now for over 18 months and some how or some way I was reported as inappropriate. WTF?! Again, I said to myself.

Contacting the support or forum group on WordPress is probably just as aggravating if not more than trying to keep a hard-on when you’re drunk!

Someone by the name of “timethief” replied that because of the explicit nature of my blog I was probably reported and therefore won’t show up in “tag” searches on WordPress or through other search engines. WTF! Timethief, what an appropriate name.

I did more research and I found you can’t find my blog. A big WTF! Mine doesn’t show but there are multiple erotic blogs on WordPress besides mine and I was able to find theirs!

Again I posted a question regarding this issue and again timethief replied. Now she is a pain in my ass!

“Inappropriate or mature subject matter that can’t be viewed in the workplace or is deemed “mature” will he reported and will not show up in tag searches. ”

WHAT THE FUCK! I screamed and it wasn’t out of pleasure.

I explained to timethief I could find other erotic blogs but not mine. Some of them were more explicit than mine and often included nudity.

Her response. “They need to be reported. I must get busy! You can report them too.”

Now why would I report a fellow blogger on their content, especially erotica. I wouldn’t do that to them and why would someone do it to me?

So my readers. I apologize if you are having a hard time finding my stories to read and entertain you. I will be looking at possibly moving my blog to another host or changing it to a full website where I won’t be censored by my content. This is still a free country and I should be able to write what I want without being censored. Personally this is BULLSHIT!

If you follow me here, I want to extend a big THANK YOU for your dedication in reading my stories. As I do find enjoyment in them and in entertaining you in the process.

I will keep you informed.

You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter, if you so want to follow me there also.

Until the next erotic story…Stay Wet and Stay Hard! Don’t let the fuckers get you down!


Post Valentine Day Thought

Soft and warm. Run your hands over my round ass. feel the softness of my flesh.

Pink and soft. My lips as they touch and kiss yours.

Wet and wanting. Our tongues dance with the fever of desire.

Soft and round. My breasts waiting for you to squeeze them and suckle my nipples.

Hard and throbbing. Your cock as it awaits my soft lips of my hot mouth wrapped around it.

Pulse and ache. My pussy waiting for you to plunge your cock deep inside.

Bond and connected. You and me. Joined as one in the rhythmic motion of hot passion.

Command and obey. Me to you as I listen to your wants and desires.

Pleasure and sweetness. Our passion to please and bring forth the full want of our desire of each other.

Touch and release. The climax of our sexual act as we explode releasing our pent up lust.

Feel of hotness. The desire doesn’t stop.  It only is calmed before the next eruption of desire comes back to the surface.

Not just on Valentines Day! 


The Olympics and Erotic Reading!

Where did everybody go?

I’m sure you are wondering where I have been too.  Yes, life can get in the way of my creativity and become like a wet heavy blanket on my imagination and sense of ability to write.  But I am going to change all that with this short little tid-bit of imagination and humor for your reading pleasure.

Yes, let’s talk about the Olympics!

What if we had Olympic judging for sexual play and acts.  Scoring for the performance of our lover, significant other, partner, husband, wife, mistress or one-night stand.

How would we score?

Form versus function.  Did you have multiple orgasms?  Judging by the sheets or the screams would you give your partner a perfect 10 score?

Flexibility of your partner.  Can he or she put themselves in a position that comfortable for her or him to perform and also achieve the height of arousal that would provide a rewarding outcome of complete sexual release?

Aches and pains of the aftermath.  Sore joints, hips, hands and arms.  Grabbing and pulling. Finger marks in her hips or a red ass from repeated spanking.  Would that get a score too?

Length of play.  A marathon for running is 13.1 or 26.2, but how about 10 minutes or less, getting one score and having a higher score if your partner can keep their hard-on for longer than 15 minutes.  Raising the level of orgasms to the point of multiple (more than 2 I would have to say.)  Yes, we would need a different scoring for the ability for a sexual act to last more than 20 minutes.

Positions.  Yes, positions.  How many positions can be completed in a time-frame.  Now if we are talking about a standard 20 minute sexual exercise.  We should be able to complete at least 3 positions; missionary, woman on top and last doggy style.  Doggy style would be almost like the delivery or climax of the competition and leading up to the dismount.  Or in this case the full ejaculation of your partner cumming.  Yes, we would have to judge and score on the number of positions completed.

Verbalization.  How many “fuck me”, “suck on my dick”, “eat me”, “pussy” or “cock” can be used in a sentence while performing in your sexual act.  Or even any other words to describe your sexual desires, pleasures or wants.  But they must be audible, not necessary in a complete sentence.

We could also list hair pulling, restraining; both voluntarily and purposely. clothing,  blow jobs, oral sex, breast sucking and kissing.  So many levels can be judged.  Should we consider listing them for the next time we have a sexual act?

Olympics and sex.  I guess everyone is watching the Olympics instead of reading erotic stories.  Are they that interesting?  Winter Olympics more fun then reading erotica?  I don’t think so, but than again….I haven’t really been here have I.

I am going to make some score cards!

Until Late…Stay Wet and Stay Hard…keep the heat as the winter continues on….