A Fantasy For Him Pt 2

Or is it hers…

Pressing the head of his cock into Melanie’s waiting pussy and watching him slowly push his full shaft in only aroused Victoria.  She heard Melanie  let out a moan of relief and pleasure.

Grabbing her ass cheeks, she pulled them apart, opening up her pussy only wider. She rimmed her asshole with her tongue, letting her spit and drool run down her ass onto his cock that was sliding in and out her pussy.

Like a switch, Victoria took on a different tactic.

“Fuck her harder.” Victoria said as she looked up at him. He was staring down at her as she pulled Melanie’s pussy lips apart so he could get his cock in even deeper.

He gripped her ass and pounded his cock deep into Melanie. Feeling her pull back with each thrust he gave her.

“Don’t you stop or cum until I tell you.” Victoria exclaimed as she watched her boyfriend’s cock thrusting into her pussy.

Victoria moved over to Melanie and kissed her hard. Melanie was gasping with each movement of his cock and pelvis as it met her ass. Her pussy was throbbing with excitement of the fullness of his shaft.

She pulled back Melanie’s hair from her face, grabbing the bottom of her jaw and turning her head to look into her eyes.”You like the feel of my boyfriend’s cock?  Like how he is pounding you?”

Melanie was in her glory of feeling his hard shaft impaling her pussy. His balls smacking her ass. She moaned with the pleasure of feeling her juices flow from her as her orgasms were quick and steady.

Victoria kissed her hard.

“You’re not getting off that easy.” Victoria said to her, releasing her grasp.

Victoria moved in front of Melanie, spreading her legs, she grabbed a hold of Melanie’s hair and pushed her head into her pussy.

“Now lick me.” Victoria told Melanie.
“Lick my pussy until I cum!”

Victoria’s boyfriend was still gripping Melanie’s ass. His cock raging of hardness, feeling that strange pussy as she kept having spasms from her her orgasms. He wanted to slow up and enjoy the sweetness and the heat of her pussy, but he could see the determination in Victoria’s face that he couldn’t stop.

Melanie licked at Victoria’s pussy, tasting her cum as she wrapped her hands under her ass and Victoria held her head there. Pulling her hair back so she could watch as Melanie licked at her folds and played with her clit.

“Smack her ass!” Victoria said looking up to her boyfriend who also was in his glory. The lost expression on his face of sexual satisfaction of finally having a woman to share with his girlfriend. This is not what he expected, but it excited him just the same.

And he did. Leaving a large red hand print on that supple skin.

“Do it again!” She repeated. He did what he was told.

His cock was throbbing to cum, but he held off. Feeling Melanie’s juices run down his balls as he gripped and smacked her ass. It becoming more red with each strike. Melanie squealed and gasped, but it was hard to hear her make a sound as her mouth was buried in Victoria’s pussy.

This was pleasure and then some for Victoria. To be in control of this fantasy. One her boyfriend has talked about for months, to have it come to fruition and to be able to enjoy it on a totally different scale.

Victoria’s pussy was so wet from Melanie licking it and her own orgasms of watch and feeling Melanie’s mouth smack her lips with each thrust from her boyfriend.  She was close to a full orgasm, and she changed tactics again.

Feeling her body begin to move, her back arched up, pushing her pussy into Melanie’s face, as Melanie dug her tongue deep into Victoria’s pussy, she let loose a orgasm like no other. Melanie licked and licked at her pussy tasting all her juices.

Victoria let go of Melanie’s hair and stroked and pet her with a kinder hand. She pulled herself away from Melanie.

Kneeling next to the two of them, she told her boyfriend to slow down so she could watch his cock move in and out of Melanie’s pussy. Melanie had buried her head in the bed and her moans were muffled from the sheets and pillow.

Victoria grabbed his cock and pulled it out of Melanie’s pussy and put it in her mouth so she could taste her and suck on him some more. She was satisfied with how she felt and she wanted to deprive Melanie of the feeling his cock for just even a couple of seconds or even a minute.

Placing his cock back into Melanie’s pussy, she could tell he was ready to explode. She watched his face.

Moving upwards she kissed him, so he could taste Melanie on her lips. Grasping the sides of his face and holding him there. Like sealing it with a kiss, he exploded just then. He rammed his cock deep into Melanie’s pussy. Victoria opened her eyes, not letting go of his lips and watched his face. He strained against her hold and she moved away and he let out such a sound of relief as his balls and cock erupted in hot cum and Melanie’s pussy spasmed with each final thrust. Not letting go of her ass that was red from him smacking it and the finger marks of him gripping the soft flesh.

He pulled his cock out after it had emptied his load.

“Melanie, I want you to lick his cock clean.” Victoria nudged Melanie to turn around and suck his cock clean and drain it completely.

Victoria then licked the cum out of Melanie’s pussy. Holding the volume of liquid in her mouth, she joined Melanie as she was still licking his cock.

Melanie turned to her and Victoria emptied the used cum into her mouth as she kissed her.

Victoria’s boyfriend collapsed on the bed. Completely drained mentally and physically from this encounter. His mind trying to wrap around all that had happened. Not displeased, but startled by Victoria’s actions.

Melanie felt spent from all the grabbing, thrusting and smacking on her ass and laid there catching her breath.

Victoria. Well she licked her lips and was ready to go at it again.


  1. kimmyalan

    Love your writings

  2. So very, very hot! You are a delight!

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