The Craving

The craving is real. I feel the tension even though you satisfied me deeply this morning.  I bite my lip thinking of of our sexual session this morning. The craving won’t subside.

My thoughts wonder and the desire for more grows. Feeling your hands on my hips. You pull me into you and I grind myself onto your hard cock. The craving grows.

You had lucked my pussy tasting my wetness as you locked and played in my garden. I spoke words of delight at the pleasure you were giving me and my body reacted to your touch. The craving grows.

My mind switches from the end of when you thrusted your cock deep inside me, to our morning kiss, to you grabbing my breasts, to your hard cock deep inside me. They swirl around my brain like a merry go round that can goes forward then reverse. The craving grows.

The craving stays with me throughout the day. It rises and falls, but it never disappears from my thoughts.

I love having this craving that only you can satisfy.

Mmmmm. Can’t wait til tomorrow.

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