A Wet Day

The clouds heavy with rain. No sun to warm me, but my thoughts create my own heat. I’m heated up with thoughts of you.

How I wish I could have stayed in bed to cuddle longer.  To feel you body pressed against mine. To provide you with the closeness of our bodies. Just a little longer.

I wanted more time to suck on you, your hard throbbing cock could release the sexual tension that has built up since yesterday.  Press it deep within me and feel my pussy spasm with an orgasm and I cum for you. Just a little longer.

I want to wrap my lips around your morning hardness. Let it slide in and out of my mouth as my tongue licks it feverishly, tasting your flesh. Just a little longer.

You are eager to please me with your tongue on my folds. Tasting my wetness as I moan and sigh with your every touch. I can almost feel it as my thoughts reflect back to yesterday morning.  Just a little longer.

I will have to wait another day, until we have that moment to escape the daily grind and close the door to the outside world. To relish in that moment of pure sexual desire and passion with our first kiss of the morning. Just a little longer.

Until then I will have wet panties.


  1. and to think those wet panties can only make it worse. all day wet and cold snugly fitting the folds with every step.. OOh it is a dirty day…

    • Yes, it does make for some sexual frustration throughout the day. But we all satisfy ourselves if needed during the day, don’t we. ~Victoria

      • it is good frustrations if you know they end up answered in the end… and we need to.

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