It’s My Birthday!

Yes, Today is my Birthday!

Woke at 4:15 with visions of naughtiness running through my head. Sexually aroused while my significant other, Rodman sleeps.

Thinking of sucking cock at this time of day as the darkness still envelopes the world. I am horny as hell!

Cozy warm under the blankets and I move closer to feel the warmth from his body! The touch of his skin against mine is so inviting and arousing. I wait.

Now having coffee as the sun kisses the new day! Waiting to feel his lips pressed against mine as I taste him and feel his hardness press into me.

It’s my Birthday!

How many times will I feel that hard cock throb inside me today or throb inside my mind?

~ Victoria

Not erotic, but still, it is my thoughts!


  1. Happy birthday… ! Grin you should have taken an early present… It is your day after all

    • Oh don’t worry I got my “fill”. ~Victoria

      • No doubt in my mind…. Haha it was a fucking great birthday wearing nothing but a birthday suit. and a magic candle on the cake that just wouldn’t get smaller. OOh and the cream… it was the best with a cherry on top 😛

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