The Fantasy for Him

Her body felt smooth under her touch. Soft as silk against her skin. Her lips supple and moist as she kissed her as she let her tongue run over them, tracing them. Her mouth tasted fresh to her. She let her hands wander over the curves of her body. Feeling the curve of her back and the roundness of her ass.  Her breasts were pressed against her and she felt the fullness of them.

Her hand moved up to cup her breasts and she let her mouth move down her neck tracing the inner curve of it. Letting her tongue lead her she, she found her nipple and traced her areola.  Her nipple reacted and became hard. Her tongue flicked it playfully, as her lips encased it and suckled it.

She felt her partner’s hand move down between her legs, feeling her shaven mound. She pulled her leg up across her body so she could easily access the folds of her pussy. Pressing her fingers against and past her folds, she felt her body react to the touch. Gentle and firm, and she let out a small gasp of tension from her lips.

He watched. Anticipating his moment. His lips were dry and his mouth watered. He ran his tongue across his lips, but his thirst was not for drink, but for the two of them as he watched them fold into each other. A tangle of arms and legs; kissing and touching, breasts pressed against each other. His cock ached as it raged with hardness.

Victoria kissed Melanie hard on the lips. Her tongue probed deep in her mouth as her hands grabbed her ass and griped it. She gave it a quick smack and grabbed it again, than softly rubbed it before giving it another smack. Melanie’s skin began to turn red from the quick contact of hand and flesh. Melanie’s body reacted with a quick jolt. Not of displeasure but of surprise and it heightened her sexual tension.

Melanie in turn, pushed her finger deeper into Victoria’s wet pussy, making her raise her pelvis to meet her thrusts. Then slowly she pulled it out, bringing her finger to her lips to taste her and sharing it with Victoria. Both tasting the essence and then kissing to share it more. He is still watching. Now he is gripping his cock as it is throbbing, waiting, not knowing when his invite will be given.

Melanie spread Victoria’s legs apart so she could taste and lick what she had been fondling. Kissing her torso and smelling her flesh made her own arousal even greater as she could feel her own juices flowing. Reaching the point between Victoria’s legs, she let her tongue lightly touch her clit and Victoria let out a another gasp.Her body tightened and relaxed in release of quick spasms. The joy and splendor of the sexual experience as her mind raced back and forth and she breathed deep and heavy with sexual excitement.

He stood there with his cock throbbing, wanting some of that pussy so much. Not sure how much longer he could wait, especially watching Melanie lick his girlfriend’s pussy. Her ass in the air, her legs slightly parted exposing her shaved pussy, staring at him while listening to his girlfriend moan with pleasure. He just couldn’t handle all the sexual energy that was unfolding in front of him. He stood there waiting for his cue, like an actor waiting to go on stage to perform.

Victoria turned tables and pulled Melanie up on top of her, kissing her even harder, tasting her own juices on her lips. This heightened her sexual tension even more making her pussy spasm with the need of more tongue, finger or cock. She reached down and began fingering Melanie’s pussy which she found wet and ready for her fingers, as they probed her folds and Melanie let out some moans of pleasure of feeling her fingers pressing deep into her cavern. Victoria kept kissing her, but lightly, with a more tenderly. She felt Melanie’s body mold into her. Her breasts pressed into hers and she was so aroused by her body, lips and hands. She was all she wanted in her first bisexual encounter.

He couldn’t hold on much longer and began stroking his cock. It throbbed in his hand, leaking fluid from its tip. Licking his lips wanting so much to taste that wet pussy of Melanie’s as Victoria was fingering it. He knew he would have to give equal attention to both, but he wanted to sink his hard cock deep into Melanie’s pussy that was staring at him. Who to choose first? His girlfriend Victoria or Melanie?

Victoria pulled her finger from Melanie’s wet cavern and tasted her juices, then kissed Melanie again. Smiled at Melanie and they both looked him watching and waiting as he cocked waved in the air. He had a smile on his face and they motioned for him to join them.

He walked to the edge of the bed and the two of them knelt in front of him and both began licking and stroking his cock. Each of them took turns sucking on his cock as he looked down and watched. Their lips painted red as they took turns letting his cock slide in and out of each of their mouths. His balls tightened. But with four hands on his cock and balls one of them began to pull on them. Stretching them. Then the two of them took turns sucking and licking his balls. Alternating from his cock to his balls. His mind was ready to explode with all the sensation he was feeling as the two woman played with his hard cock like it was a toy to play with. Now who is in control?

Both of them looked up at him smiling and led him by his cock onto the bed. As they both were stroking his wet cock they began kissing. Melanie laid back on the bed as Victoria began to lick her clit still stroking his cock. He knelt between Melanie’s legs and Victoria still stroking his cock pulled it closer to Melanie’s wet pussy lips waiting for his throbbing cock. Victoria turned to him and began sucking his cock again. Making it wet and slippery in her mouth. Only inches away she pulled his cock out of her mouth and pressed it into Melanie’s waiting pussy.

This story has been in the making for a couple of months. Though not completed, I wanted to share. Yes, I know I kept you hanging. Sometimes the words flow and sometimes they just stop, just as they have here.

I would like your feedback; positive and negative. Let me know what you think. How should it end? Suggestions? Ideas? I welcome all comments.

Thanks for reading.



  1. This is going to be a thriller when complete! I love it already.

    • I’m not sure how to finish it, but I’m sure it will be more than a thriller! Thanks for the compliment. ~Victoria

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