Mind Dump II

To all my followers and readers this may not be your typical hot erotic story, but it is my exercise in writing and I want to share it with you.  As you read it, you can take it apart in pieces and see what I am trying to accomplish. I am working at “unclogging” my thoughts and this is the best place for me to do it.  I still hope you enjoy reading this and I would appreciate your feedback; positive or negative.

~ Victoria

Part 1

It’s hot.  The lights are flashing and the music is loud.  Drinks are flowing from bottles into overflowing glasses.  Bodies moving to the beat.  Hot and sweaty bodies touching and pulling at each other. Heels clicking on the floor but are softened by the sound of the music that is driving the bodies to move in a wave that is never-ending. Skirts swirling as round tight bottoms move back and forth as if they are fucking as they move across the floor attached to long legs attached to the latest fashion shoes.  Pants tight with the anticipation of what may be under the skirts. Oh the moisture in their panties with the thought of brushing against something hard while moving towards each other.  Hands groping and grabbing, bare flesh and tightly covered skin.  Tightly wrapped breasts in all sizes, bounce within their covers, as if cheering on those that watch from the sidelines. Desire is the scent that is intermixed with aroma of perfumes and colognes of the bodies, with a hint of sweet sweat. The movement of bodies is never-ending and continues on and on. Time has stopped within this box that holds all these bodies.

Part 2

The drudgery of daily reality. Wake to a body and the routine of sex begins the day. Make the coffee and care for the pets. Shower and dress and out the door. Trudge through the day and feed into the rat race. Cold weather and bundled up. Mind wonders to other thoughts along with all the things to do, get done, who to call, what to do and so on and so on. The endless list that runs like a loop in your mind. No easing up on the drive or the racing inside your head. Stop here, stop there. Run this errand, get this done. The day isn’t half way over. Work isn’t over when you return home. Demand of needs to those that can’t speak that depend upon you to care for them. Your mind is still going but your body wants to stop. Must keep going, get it done, but it can’t all get done. Imagination is soaked up by the daily responsibilities. Fantasy has become like a damp blanket that neither keeps you warm or ever dries out. Buried deep inside the recesses of your mind.  Dig it out! Dry it out! Bring it up so it floats to the surface so you can find it again. Go to bed. Tomorrow is another day of the routine.

Part 3

Touch me and let me feel alive. Kiss me good morning. Bring that fantasy to life and let me play it out in real time now! Erase the darkness and bring it to light. Feel alive. NOW! Start it NOW! Wake it up and let me scream it from the top of the trees or the depth of soul as we intertwine with each other in that moment of pure pleasure and passion. The hardness of your cock. The wetness of my pussy as you lick my folds and make me arch my back. Let it loose. Unravel the stress of the day, the night or what is wrapped so tightly in my mind. Stop the racing. Let me flow with passion as we join together, with your cock pushing inside me as I release the stress and let it flow out of me as I cum with a hard orgasm and the juices flow from me. Feel my pussy tighten and loosen as the stress of my orgasm and body is being unraveled. Your hands gripping my ass as you climax releasing your own tension and you fill my cavern with your hot juice. Letting go of your own stress. Your grip loosens as we become two again. Letting go as the realization of the day comes crashing in. Get up and make the coffee and care for those that can’t care for themselves.

Shower, dress and out the door. Enter the race and the mind is beyond the speed of light of all the things on that to-do list loop that has been running since you kissed me good morning.

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