I feel you crawl into bed. The warmth of your body against mine arouses me but my slumber keeps me imprisoned.

You rub the roundness of my ass and kiss me lightly on the back of the neck. I stir slightly as my unconscious self begins to awaken.

I move my leg and rub it against yours, feeling every hair as your hand moves up my body and cups my breasts. You whisper in my ear, but I don’t hear you.

I turn to face you, meeting your lips and feeling the tenderness of them and I wrap myself around you and you pull me tight to your body. We hold each other as if we have no space other than the area we share and if we’re to let go, one of us would fall off into an abyss.

The warmth and heat is felt under the sheets and through our flesh as we embrace tighter.

I am awake.

Your body pressed tightly into mine and I feel the passion of your want growing.  Growing hard.  Your cock is pressed against my body.

You pull at my panties and I assist you with removing them from my body as you press your fingers deep in to the folds of my pussy.  Feeling the heat of my want as it grows deep from within my soul.

You reach down and remove your undergarments with a quickness that is to waste no time.  Pulling my nightshirt over my head, you cup my breasts tightly. Letting your mouth move down to suck on my nipples, hard.  I pull your hair back away from your face and you bring your mouth back up to meet my lips as our tongues play with each other.

Your cock is pressing hard against my folds wanting into the warmth that is encased within them.  The wetness is building as the head of your cock pushes inward.  Deep with one plunge, you fill me with your hardness.

I release and gasp and the sudden intrusion of your cock, but it is pleasure that is expelled from lips.  The pleasure you bring me in the dark of the night.

I wrap my legs around you feeling your hardness move inside me as your lips are still pressed against mine.  I raise my arms above my head and keep them there.  Submissive to you.

You pull back from me and tell me to bend over.

I position myself with my ass in the air and press my face into the covers.

Grabbing hold of my hips you push your hardness deep into me with one thrust.  I gasp with the suddenness of your action.  The pleasure has risen and I holler with the joy of the passion as I climax with the ecstasy of your cock penetrating me.

Tighter you hold my flesh as you impale me.  I am wet with cum as I cant stop my own orgasm, nor do I want to.  Faster you move as your cock slides in and out of my pussy with ease as my juices flow from me.

Your fingers tight on the flesh of my hips as you explode with a feverish delivery of hot cum.  I join you with my own exalting exclamation.  You fill my void with wetness as your cock continues to pulse out its hot fluid.

Collapsing on the bed, we pull the covers over us. Finding our own space to begin our slumber.

Sleep until the morning, when we embrace the day and do it all over again.

Yes, Daddy is back.



  1. Terry

    It had my libodo in an uproar… WOW. Like I’ve always known, words have power

    • Morning Terry

      Happy to hear this little tidbit got your pulse up. Enjoy reading more if you haven’t, as I’m starting to get my own pulse up and write more to entertain all my followers and those that read my blog.

      Stay wet and stay hard.

  2. Hot!!! Excellent!!

    • Good Morning Caroline

      Thanks for the compliment! Glad you enjoyed it. It brings me pleasure that my stories excite my readers. Come back and visit as I too am beginning to awaken my passion that is been resting too long to excite and entertain my readers.

      Stay wet and stay hard.
      ~ Victoria

  3. Delicious…

  4. Excellent story!

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