Moments in Memory

Kiss me. Slowly so I can feel your lips and smell your scent.

Hold me. Tight. Let me feel your warmth.

Touch me. Let your hands run down my body. Feel the curves of my being.

Grab me.  Feel the fullness of my breasts.  I open up to you.

Let me feel your body pressed against mine. Your flesh feels warm against mine. I take in the full aroma of your masculinity.

Lay me down. Press your hardness against my wetness as you enter through the folds of my cave.

I release the initial wave of ecstasy of the pleasure of your being.

Take me hard, take me soft. 

Kiss me hard. Dance your tongue into my mouth. I taste you.

Press harder into me as I grip you tighter exclaiming my pleasure through words and through my body.

Let’s blend together. Mesh into one in this dance of desire. 

Continue on. Bend me and fold me to your pleasing. Make my juices flow with your hardness deep inside me.

Give me the pleasure you seek to be your own.

Exclaim your joy to me.

Let me feel your ecstasy of release as you explode inside me.

Our juices flowing into one.

The moment of complete gratification.

Grip me. Hold me. Take me into your memory as I hold you deep into mine.


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