The sun has lowered itself into slumber. Giving it’s companion, the moon to light the sky while it moves on.

The quiet of the house is only broken by the occasion cricket or locust that buzzes in the evening air.  The lightning bugs blink in unison as the shadows become dark and invisible.

Rest. Yes, rest.

I move to the bed to be embraced by the sheet. Empty. I hear my breathing and my heartbeat. Only myself is here to touch me.

The light from the TV dances across the sheet as I feel it move across my body in the darkness.


The place where one goes when the light of day becomes too much.

Breath. Yes, I’m breathing. The heavy sigh of the day like a boulder being lifted from my chest.

Click. The TV shuts off and the room fills with that darkness. It envelopes me; my body and mind. The dark of the night is not much different than the darkness inside my mind.

Blink. I close my eyes.

Sleep it comes slowly as I fall into the darkness.


PS – I know this isn’t erotic, filled with passion, romance or going to make you hot and filled with desire. But since I haven’t written in a long time, I am writing what I am thinking, what I feel. It doesn’t mean I won’t return to something hot and wild, I just can’t pull it out of my soul at this time.  It isn’t lost. Just buried under layers of daily grind to the point my chest hurts.

So don’t be critical all you that follow me, just be patient. Time can change a lot of things and I looking forward to where the light should be.



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