Am I Evil?

This is not an erotic tale of excitement that will get you panting, make your pants tight or your panties wet. It is more of how closed minded people view erotica and how they judge those that are sexually open.

Let’s begin.

My SO (significant other) used to date his manager at his gift shop / gallery. She is religious and goes to church two times a week. Good for her. There is nothing wrong with those that feel the need to attend church that much or those that find salvation through religion.

Recently she found out that I write erotica.  Let’s just say it didn’t go over well. Not that I care.

First, I really don’t care what she thinks. I think that she is closed minded and is judgmental about a lot of people and things about life in general.  She is quick to respond or point out faults in others without seeing the person on a whole.

I know you’re probably wondering why I’m writing about this.  I guess because of some events that have taken place recently.

On Easter I baked cupcakes.  I love cupcakes.  My SO took some into work with him and offered her some. At first she was excited about having one, but when she found out I made them she made an excuse not to eat them.

Then last weekend my SO had a special event happening at his shop and had a number of vendors there. He asked me to make some turkey BBQ for him to take and serve to the vendors.  No problem,  I love to cook.

His manager wouldn’t eat it. Why? Because it was something that I created,  touched and made, and because I’m “evil” she wouldn’t eat it.

So this is what I have to say.

If you’re so uptight about what a person does for their enjoyment,  then go get a life!  If you feel I’m doing something sinful,  against God or religion;  read the Bible!  There is murder and sex throughout it.

I’m far from evil. I’m real! Always will be and I don’t plan on changing. 

Evil is the person that preys on the innocent. The one that kills, hurts or abuses the weak, the innocent and the voiceless. He who does wrong against man and or creatures of this earth with no remorse or without morals, is evil.

If saying pussy, cock or Fuck makes me evil. Then I’d rather be evil than some uptight asshole that thinks that going to church will save my soul.

So to end this…Fuck You any uptight assholes who read this and feel the need to judge me!


Oh…I will write something wet later.


  1. Right on! Sure are enough judges in this world, all too blind to the proposition that only One has any significance. I really must follow this blog! Lover of sensuous poetry…can find that in the Bible, too.

    • Thanks for the support. For I am not to be judged by those that have narrow minds and are blind to the whole world. I know who I am and am not ashamed of being true to me.

      Hope you enjoy some reading and do follow me.


  2. There is no doubt that writing in this genre requires a bit of stealth when it comes to the vanilla world. Providing what is forbidden to those who crave it is always frowned upon…
    At least what we provide perks up the imagination, and it’s not too addictive!

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