Back in the Saddle

She straddled him as he lay there.. His hard cock inviting to her wet pussy.

He grabbed her breasts, holding on to them as if it kept her from falling off. But his cock kept her anchored.

Her short skirt rode up her ass, and he moved his hands down to rub her roundness. Holding onto her hips as she rode his cock letting herself verbalize the pleasure of his hardness as her wetness flowed.

Grinding and moving on him, she did not let up on the pressure, and her pussy tightened around his cock.

“Fuck, your pussy feels good. I can feel your cum running down my balls,” he said to her.

Balancing herself, she knelt over his hard cock, just letting the head move in and out of her hot hole.

She felt every inch as she lowered herself slowly. Yes the pleasure she gave him was equal to the pleasure she gave herself.

Filling her pussy with his hard cock, she pushed her hips and pelvis into his. Grinding him with pleasure.

Yes, the feeling was mutual.

Riding and grinding, it continued until….

Yes, I’m back! Victoria has returned!

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