Post Valentine Day Thought

Soft and warm. Run your hands over my round ass. feel the softness of my flesh.

Pink and soft. My lips as they touch and kiss yours.

Wet and wanting. Our tongues dance with the fever of desire.

Soft and round. My breasts waiting for you to squeeze them and suckle my nipples.

Hard and throbbing. Your cock as it awaits my soft lips of my hot mouth wrapped around it.

Pulse and ache. My pussy waiting for you to plunge your cock deep inside.

Bond and connected. You and me. Joined as one in the rhythmic motion of hot passion.

Command and obey. Me to you as I listen to your wants and desires.

Pleasure and sweetness. Our passion to please and bring forth the full want of our desire of each other.

Touch and release. The climax of our sexual act as we explode releasing our pent up lust.

Feel of hotness. The desire doesn’t stop.  It only is calmed before the next eruption of desire comes back to the surface.

Not just on Valentines Day! 


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  1. Yum.

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