The Olympics and Erotic Reading!

Where did everybody go?

I’m sure you are wondering where I have been too.  Yes, life can get in the way of my creativity and become like a wet heavy blanket on my imagination and sense of ability to write.  But I am going to change all that with this short little tid-bit of imagination and humor for your reading pleasure.

Yes, let’s talk about the Olympics!

What if we had Olympic judging for sexual play and acts.  Scoring for the performance of our lover, significant other, partner, husband, wife, mistress or one-night stand.

How would we score?

Form versus function.  Did you have multiple orgasms?  Judging by the sheets or the screams would you give your partner a perfect 10 score?

Flexibility of your partner.  Can he or she put themselves in a position that comfortable for her or him to perform and also achieve the height of arousal that would provide a rewarding outcome of complete sexual release?

Aches and pains of the aftermath.  Sore joints, hips, hands and arms.  Grabbing and pulling. Finger marks in her hips or a red ass from repeated spanking.  Would that get a score too?

Length of play.  A marathon for running is 13.1 or 26.2, but how about 10 minutes or less, getting one score and having a higher score if your partner can keep their hard-on for longer than 15 minutes.  Raising the level of orgasms to the point of multiple (more than 2 I would have to say.)  Yes, we would need a different scoring for the ability for a sexual act to last more than 20 minutes.

Positions.  Yes, positions.  How many positions can be completed in a time-frame.  Now if we are talking about a standard 20 minute sexual exercise.  We should be able to complete at least 3 positions; missionary, woman on top and last doggy style.  Doggy style would be almost like the delivery or climax of the competition and leading up to the dismount.  Or in this case the full ejaculation of your partner cumming.  Yes, we would have to judge and score on the number of positions completed.

Verbalization.  How many “fuck me”, “suck on my dick”, “eat me”, “pussy” or “cock” can be used in a sentence while performing in your sexual act.  Or even any other words to describe your sexual desires, pleasures or wants.  But they must be audible, not necessary in a complete sentence.

We could also list hair pulling, restraining; both voluntarily and purposely. clothing,  blow jobs, oral sex, breast sucking and kissing.  So many levels can be judged.  Should we consider listing them for the next time we have a sexual act?

Olympics and sex.  I guess everyone is watching the Olympics instead of reading erotic stories.  Are they that interesting?  Winter Olympics more fun then reading erotica?  I don’t think so, but than again….I haven’t really been here have I.

I am going to make some score cards!

Until Late…Stay Wet and Stay Hard…keep the heat as the winter continues on….


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  1. Reblogged this on Save The Last Dance and commented:
    Hmm, this is a novel idea, the Sexual Olympics and I love the proposed scoring system. I also think there should be a degree of difficulty rating based on how much pain a partner can endure. Oh, and extra points can be earned for risky exhibitionism. Ok, I’m in…where do I sign-up? 😉

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