Sex in 60 Words

Can I turn you on in 60 words or less, or maybe a little more.  A bit of a writing exercise to excite you and to open your imagination to some warm sensual words of desire.

Yes, I am back.  I never really went away.  I took a hiatus to play catch up on life.  Let me wish you All a Happy New Year and to bring you some hot and wet thoughts to brighten your days and make you evenings even hotter.

Stay Wet and Stay Hard!  I have returned to tell you even more tales of erotic desire, some true and some fantasy.

~ Victoria

1 – “Let me wrap my red lips around your hard cock. Feel my tongue; wet and hot. Wake you from your slumber to embrace you ever so tightly with my mouth and entice you more with my wet pussy.  You slip your hard member into my wet cavern as I tighten my grasp around it and let my lips touch yours as the sun begins to warm the morning sky.”

2 – “His hand smacked my ass as his cock penetrated deeper into my pussy arousing me even more.  He pressed his finger against my tight asshole pushing it into the dark hole as I rode his cock with determination.  My hair fell into his face as he watched my expression of ecstasy begin to show as I let loose my wetness on his cock.”

3 – “Suck my cock. And without hesitation I wrapped my lips around his head and let my tongue slither around it as it disappeared into my mouth.  Tasting my cum on his member, I became excited with the scent of my pussy and the taste of my cum as he pulled back my hair to watch his cock being eaten up but not devoured.”

4 – “My nipples were hard as they poked out from the bottom of my cut-off t-shirt.  My skirt tight and short around my ass, just covering enough but not everything. He slipped his hands up between my legs to find the folds of my pussy and feel the heat that was building waiting for him to release, as his finger delved inside my hot crevice.”

5 – “He reached under my nightshirt as I stood at the kitchen sink and fingered my wet pussy making me stop what I was doing to enjoy this moment of complete surprise.  I welcomed his invasion into my body as I let my pussy react to his touch and let my juices flow.  Only for him to stop suddenly.

6 – “He gripped the flesh of my hips even tighter and I felt the tips of his fingernails dig into my skin. His hard cock impaled me deeper.  My face buried into the pillow muffling my sounds of pleasure. I released my hot cum and felt his cock grew harder ready to erupt with its own hot liquid.”

7 – ” My juices flowed from my pussy and ran down his balls.  His cock filled my cavern and I exclaimed my joy of pleasure. Riding his cock, I arched my back so to grind myself harder to feel the fullness of him deep inside me. The heightened arousal of his flesh filled my deepest desires.”

8 – “The smell of her body and her pussy aroused him.  His cock grew hard at the stench of her sweat as he fingered her pussy and brought his hand up to his nose to smell her essence.  Returning it to her hot crevice to probe it some more, releasing the juices held within.”

9 – “He licked her pussy, letting his tongue play with her clit and he sucked on her lips.  His cock being massaged by her mouth as her tongue circled and licked the head of his throbbing member.  It slid in and out of her mouth with ease as she tighten her lips around it stimulating him even more.”

10 – “She spread her legs wide as his cock slid into her pussy; wet and hot, she released her orgasm with his immediate penetration.  Holding her hands above her head as he impaled her deeper. He pulled her legs up so to fill her hot cavern even more.  His balls smacked her ass with each movement and she released her hot cum.”

So there you have something to think about.  Enjoy your reading and evening Everyone.



  1. You definitely turned me on in less than 60 words.

  2. This blog is such a turn on. Loving the heat

    • Hello Sugar Mommy –

      So happy to hear this & i apologize for just now getting back to you. Life can get busy and I don’t always check-in on my blog…Going to start writing more…need to for my mental health and for Your entertainment. Please check back for more hot, erotic stories for your imagination!


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