Fruit on the Bottom

This little tidbit was contributed by a friend who I share my “ideas” with from time to time, so I cannot take any credit for it.  Enjoy his style of “excitement”.  I found it hot and humorous at the same time.

~ Victoria

Figured I come inside to cool off from the oppressive heat.

My balls were sticking to my leg from the sweat and maybe get a snack too. She was sitting in the kitchen with her feet on the other chair; fresh shaved legs and a bit of ass cheek exposed. Vanilla yogurt she was spooning out and she had a little on her upper lip. She have a clue what that does to me? I put my knees against her chair and I slid my hand around the back of her head. She raised her face up towards me offering up her lips.

As I bent down she found one of the holes in my rag of a t-shirt and with a wiggling and tickling managed to get a couple of fingers in against my chest. Her mouth was hotter than the outside I was escaping, but tasted damn good. Now she has my full attention and I cannot pull away as she ripped the entire front of my shirt away.

Unbuckling my pants as fast as I could without hurting myself was my next concern for I was already quite firm.

“Just teasing you, we don’t have time for this.” she says.

“Bullshit baby. How long do you think it’s really gonna take?”

My pants were around my ankles on the kitchen floor as she took it all in one big slide and then a full head a steam like a run away train I let it build for a bit considering the time was tight. Got her hair wrapped up around my wrist and pulling her head in deeper.

Felt a twinge so I yanked her head back pulling her hair and I kissed her deep and hard damn near chipped her teeth. I reached over and grabbed the yogurt and shoved my cock into the cold container spilling it on my balls.

“Your fucking nuts” she said.

I said, ” swallow this.”

Now that fucking yogurt is all over her face and chin. As she’s digging in again, soon I can’t take anymore so I pull her up kissing again. I pull off the shorts and tongue the dragon but she refuses my advances, “We definitely don’t have time for that.” She says.

“Ok fine.” I said and I cleared the kitchen table with on fell sloop of my forearm, baked goods and flour almost fell on the floor. I put her chest down with an arm across her back the other hand flat on the table next to her face. Spread her legs to the corners and entered her slow, each hand squeezing an ass cheek I hammered like a rooster with a fox on his tail!

“That didn’t take to long.” I said pulling out and shooting my own brand of yogurt all the way up on the shoulder she was looking back at me from.

“I guess you needed that.” she said.

“Yep, but I’m not cooled off, just exhausted.” I replied

“Oh? That’s what you came in for?” She said. “To cool off?”

Stepping back, I had no idea…………

1 Comment

  1. Mike

    Very good i found it to be very eye catching and believable it brought back memories,, Look forward to reading more.

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