The Warm Embrace

Once where there was coldness, now I feel the sense of warmth.

No longer are the nights lonely and empty, for they are filled with a sense of longing.


Warmth is my new venture.

Touch is now never far as I am held during the night.


I feel the warmth and softness of lips against mine in the cold winter night.

Heat of a body that I dreamt of but never thought would be obtained.


Passion and satisfaction of the flesh as I am held in the night.

The dawn is welcomed and never empty, for it is filled with a desire of flesh.


I feel it inside me even as we part.

The warmth stays with me all day and night, until he crawls into bed with me at the end of his day to hold me once again.


My arms are no longer empty, but filled with the desire of his flesh, his touch and his scent.

Winter will be warm again as the days unfold and a new dawn approaches and I welcome the embrace of his arms in the daylight.


  1. So beautiful and peaceful. Love this!

    • Thank You! Yes, the feeling of internal peace can be so warming and fulfilling. Bringing one closer to the eternal quiet we all seek. And to share it with another, nothing better!


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