I Got Nailed!

“You didn’t get any cock this morning.” he said to me as he got up from his chair.

“No, I didn’t and you didn’t get any pussy either.” I replied as I sipped my drink. “So what are we going to do about it?”

“You can drop your pants right now and we can solve the problem.” he said back.

Smiling my evil smile I picked myself off the chair and headed to the bedroom.  I began undressing as I walked down the hallway with him quick on my heels.  I was undressed by the time I reached the bed and he was finishing removing his clothing as we climbed into bed.

Pulling the covers over our bodies as he laid on top of me but giving himself room to suck on my nipples as I raised my arms above my head so he could feel my full breasts and smell the sweat of my flesh.   Sucking my nipples hard so they were dark pink and erect aroused me as he moved his mouth from one to the other.  Feeling his hands cup and milk my breasts felt so good.  I enjoyed feeling his hands on my body.

He moved back onto his knees and told me to suck on his cock.

I love sucking on his cock.  Feeling it grow inside my mouth as my tongue moves across the head.  My lips wrapped tightly around his shaft as it began to swell in my mouth and he repeatedly said how good my mouth felt and I hummed in agreement of his enjoyment.  He reached down and stuck his finger into my pussy to get me aroused which didn’t take much, because sucking on him gets me excited.  He smelled my pussy as I continued to suck on his cock and it reached the point of hardness that I was satisfied with.

I moved myself so my ass was up against his body and he pushed his cock into the folds of my pussy.   The wetness from my saliva and my pussy made it easy for him to penetrate me.

“Fuck me Daddy!” I said as he liked me to call him.

“You’re my little slut aren’t you?” he replied back to me.

“Yes, I am. I am your little whore.” I responded.

Feeling his hard cock push into my pussy as I felt my first orgasm coming as he pushed deeper into my wet hot hole and I tightened my pussy around his shaft. He rubbed my ass and I felt his hands grip the fleshy part of my hips and pull me onto his hard cock.  The enjoyment and pleasure of the thrust of his cock deep inside me as his cock filled my hot void  brought me much gratification.

“Fuck that hole!” I stated to him.

“You like that dick deep inside you don’t you?” he asked.  A question I didn’t have to answer though I did every time he asked.

Talking dirty to each other raised our sexual satisfaction higher and higher every time. It wasn’t just saying “fuck me” or “suck my cock” that aroused us, but our verbal “play” of who was in control which switched back and forth between us.

“Yes I love to feel that cock deep inside me.” I replied.

My chest was flat to the bed so the fullness of my breasts showed on the sides,  I gripped the sheets and felt the thickness of his cock with each thrust while my pussy reacted to his penetration.  I was wet with cum as he plummeted deeper inside me, grabbing at my flesh as I pushed my ass harder against his.

He grabbed my ass tighter as he pulled on my flesh and I felt his cock throb and grow, my pussy tightened even more around his cock and he stated the pleasure of feeling my pussy constrict not only with my orgasms, but with my ability to tighten it around his shaft as he filled me with his hard shaft.  Yes, the pure pleasure of his cock brought me to another level of sexual want for him.

“You have to fuck that hot hole!” I said to him.

He impaled me deeper and harder with his cock and I felt his shaft throb, ready to explode and release his own flow of hot cum deep inside me.  Gripping me tighter as he let loose his orgasm and I felt his hot fluid burst from his shaft and he drove his cock as deep as it would go into me. I met his thrusts as my pussy tightened even more around his shaft trying to drain it of its hot fluid.

What a release of tension and pure gratification of his orgasm as I felt our juices flow together as he exclaimed his orgasm in sound and fury of his body.  The joy shared and exclaimed in body and words.  I felt completely satisfied with the experience as I always do when we share the sexual desire for one another; morning, night, or anytime.

How could I ever say no when I get “nailed” like that everyday.


  1. Very hot! Very sensual! I love how engage all the senses!

    • Hello & Thanks for the compliment! Much appreciated. I enjoy bringing the reader into the story and to feel the sensuality of my words through all of their senses!

      ~ Victoria

      • I always enjoy your work, Victoria. Always well crafted and very erotic.

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