Only One Master

I asked in a timid voice, “Do you want me to undress?”

“No.” He replies, as he stood in front of me undressing. I watched his moves as if studying them for future reference.

Not sure what is going to take place, but I’m not naive to what is going to happen, this is a first for me; I’m dressed and he isn’t. He isn’t undressing me or asking me to undress. What did he say, “I’m aroused by visual and scent.”

I sit on the edge of the bed and watch him continue to undress. I still have my skirt, stockings and shirt on, he had already removed my bra. Yes, he took it off earlier as we were sitting having a glass of wine; taking off my bra and putting my shirt back on, he said, “when your with me, I don’t want you to wear a bra.”

Prior to him arriving he had asked me to wear something short and revealing.  I have no problems complying to his requests.  It feels natural and excites me even more to wear provocative clothes.  I am a sexual being with passion that flows heavy and constant.  This isn’t lust of the flesh but the desire to satisfy him from my soul and my body.  I was aroused as I sat there with my “whore” like attire on; short skirt, the top of my stockings showing, a low-cut sleeveless shirt to emphasize my breasts and stilettos.  Makeup and of course my lips painted dark red as he likes.  I enjoy pleasing him, it isn’t work, it makes me feel so female and so alive.

Moving back across the bed as he finished disrobing, he moves onto the bed and I make room for us on the spacious playground. His lips meet mine as our tongues dance to our own personal song of desire, borderline of possession, not evil, but possessed with each other.

I let my hands run over his body as my legs wrapped around his like a web being woven by a friendly spider. He held me close as his hair fell across my exposed skin and I took in the scent of his body and it ignited me to want to please and satisfy all his wishes.  I lavished in his body as he too let his hands move across my flesh.

Excitement that was growing from within me is an understatement, this wasn’t our first time together, but each time is different; more arousing and erotic to my senses and I do believe to his also  Adding to all this arousal was me in my stockings, still dressed in my clothes and with him naked.

He pulled my shirt up to expose my breasts and I removed it from my body.  He let his hair fall over my chest and he began to smell my flesh and letting his face run over my armpits to take in my scent.  He squeezed my breasts and began sucking on them hard making my nipples erect and dark pink.  Milking them in his hands as his mouth moved from one to the other.  I watched as he would glance up to see my facial expression.  Feeling slightly self-conscious I closed my eyes to take in the sensation of his mouth and hands stimulating my flesh and my nipples.  I moved my hands across his body and savored the feeling he was giving me.

Moving his body across mine, I could feel myself react to the sexual tension building inside me.  My pussy was getting hot and my mouth dry with anticipation of his lips, mouth and his hands moving across my flesh, exploring it, finding all those sensitive spots to expose to find my weakness to him.  But I was already giving myself to him, so there were no weaknesses to exploit.

Reaching down between my legs he pressed his fingers against my pussy lips, my thong still in place, he pulled it aside to let his fingers push into the folds of my pussy.  I felt the sudden rush of excitement with his finger deep inside me, I was wet and hot with sexual want.  He pulled his finger out and raised it to his nose to smell my hot pussy on his finger and placing it in his mouth to taste me.

“I like the smell of your pussy.” He said.

Sitting back he said, “Suck on my cock.”

His sexual requests didn’t bother me.  Feeling free with ourselves to share our wants and desires came so natural and I enjoyed giving him the pleasure of my mouth or my pussy to satisfy him.

His cock throbbed for attention as I wrapped my lips around it and let my tongue swirl around the head.  Using no hands, I let my lips tighten around the shaft as I moved my mouth across it, feeling it become harder with each stroke of my mouth.  He watched as his cock disappeared into my orifice that was just as wet and hot as my pussy, I relished in the pleasure of hearing him moan with each movement of my mouth over his hard shaft.

Once I knew he felt pleased, I stopped and let my lips find his as I stroked his cock and let me tongue run across his mouth.

He pushed me back onto the bed pulling my arms above my head and holding them there with one hand as he kissed me and I could feel his cock beginning to push through the folds of my pussy.  I felt the warmth of his body as he pressed himself into me, it was inviting and I welcomed it.  I spread my legs to give him access to my hot pussy that was waiting for the penetration of his throbbing cock.

“That’s it, spread your legs for me.  You want that hard dick inside you, don’t you?” He asked.

“Yes.” I replied just above a whisper.

Still pressing his cock slowly into my pussy, he said, “I am your Master. What are you?”

Without hesitation I replied, “Your slave.”

He commended me with his touch and his kiss.  “You will always be my Victoria.”

With the full penetration of his cock I came with force and I wrapped my legs around him pulling him deeper into me.  He pushed my face to the side as he still held my hands above my head. My body reacted to his; his kisses, his touch and I opened up to him being his sex toy as our bodies molded together as one.

“You like my dick deep in you?” He asked.

“Yes.” I replied.  My breathing heavy and my mouth still dry.  I couldn’t get enough of him.

He impaled me harder and deeper with each movement of my hips as I met his thrusts and let him know the pleasure of his body.  I needed this and wanted him.

“Fuck that pussy! It’s your pussy!” I said to him.

“That is my pussy.” He answered.

Knowing I had come he pulled back to let me lick my juices off his cock.  I found delight in sucking on his cock after it had been in my hot wet pussy.  Tasting my cum and licking it clean.

“Turn around.” He said.

I complied, pressing my chest into the bed.

He grabbed hold of my skirt, and raised it just far enough so just the bottom of my ass was exposed.

“You want that dick deep in you, don’t you?” He asked as he drove his cock deep inside my hot waiting pussy before I could even reply.

“Fuck!” I hollered. “I’m cumming!”

He grabbed hold of my skirt at the waistband and fucked me hard as I pushed back against him.  Feeling every inch of his throbbing cock as I continued to cum.

“Fuck that pussy!  Fuck it harder!” I screamed at him. “Fuck your pussy!”

“You enjoy me deep dicking you.” he replied.

He was still holding on to my skirt as I met his thrusts and I continued to have orgasms. Grabbing hold of my body and my skirt as his cock pushed deeper into me as I felt my juices flow from my pussy and run over his balls as they smacked against my lips.  The full sensation I was getting as he pushed his cock deep into me.  My face buried in the sheets as I grabbed hold of the bedding to keep myself firmly planted on the bed, my breasts flattened on the bed.

“I can smell your pussy.” he said.

Yes, it was scent and visual stimulation he enjoyed.  The sight of my ass in the air, partially covered, my thin waist, my breasts pressed on the bed and my arms outstretched, helpless and vulnerable but willing to please him.  It was what my Master wanted.

His cock throbbed and pulsated as my pussy tightened around his shaft, he  grabbed me tighter pulling my body onto his cock.  The fullness of his cock and the feeling of body aroused me and I continually came with his thrusts.

His orgasm was deep and hard as he exclaimed his own release.  He held my hips tight as his cock expelled its hot liquid deep in my pussy and I answered with my exclamation of the passion shared as he penetrated my pussy as deep as his cock would go.

Our shared moment of pure pleasure, the appetite to satisfy one another had been met once again.  We moved to another level within our own sexual world that only we shared with one another.

Separating from one another, but not disconnected, we laid in each others’ embrace of our pleasure.  The joy of release, the passion of sharing our deep felt desire to please and be pleased exceeded our own expectations and we were fulfilled.  Lying there kissing one another was like signing the contract that I would always be his slave and he was my only Master.

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