Daddy’s Home

Darkness approaches early in November, and the evening was beginning to wind down for me.  Wanting to get to bed and sleep, I did my normal routine of taking care of my pets and filling the wood stove to warm my home.  Undressing and putting on my nightshirt, I climbed into bed with my dog and my cat by my side.  Even with expecting a visitor, I still settled into sleep.

Drifting from the reality of one world and beginning to float into the other, I heard nothing; his entry or him walking into the room.  The dog didn’t stir from his spot.

Lips softly touching mine, I opened my eyes to see a figure and there he was.
“Daddy’s home.” He said softly and my body reacted with warmth and passion for him. I could see his silhouette in the evening moon light as he began to undress and I felt myself becoming aroused with his presence and knowing I would feel his hot flesh against mine in only minutes.  Unable to resist touching him, I reached out and let my hand move up under the back of his shirt.  The feeling of his smooth skin against my fingertips raised the sensation in my body, my senses were reacting to him and he hadn’t even touched me.

Pulling the blankets back, he slid in next to me. Feeling the warmth of his body as his arms embraced me and I intertwined my legs around him, I just couldn’t get enough of his body and flesh.  I wanted to feel all of it.

There was an exchange of words between us, but we spoke only of our desire for each other; the missing of each others touch and the passion we felt for one another. Kisses soft and filled with want, deeper than our mortal flesh, I felt them throughout my body. It was more than just sexual desire.  We both longed for these moments together and we treasured every second we had to share our soul felt passion with one another.

The warmth of our bodies and the desire excited both of us and his cock grew hard as my pussy longed to feel it deep inside me.

“Suck on my cock”, he said softly.

With no hesitation I moved down in the dark and found his throbbing member to suck on.  The pleasure it brought me as it did him, to suck and lick on his cock was exhilarating to me. Letting my lips wrap around it and my tongue toy with his head as he verbalized the pleasure I was giving him. Not just in sounds but in letting me know how much he missed my mouth wrapped around his cock.

“That’s it, suck on my cock.  You suck cock so good.  It feels so good to have you suck on me.” he said just above a whisper.  Not that we would disturb anyone.

I licked and sucked on him, feeling myself becoming more aroused at the pleasure I was bringing him. Who enjoyed it more? Not sure, and it doesn’t matter.The more I sucked the more he complimented and verbalized his enjoyment and the more I enjoyed feeling his hard shaft in my hot wet hole as my tongue continued to lick and suck on him.

I didn’t want to stop, but wanted to feel that hard cock deep inside my pussy. Pulling myself away, he motioned for me to lay on my back.

Climbing on top, I spread my legs wide and his cock found my hot wet pussy waiting for its entry. It knew just where to go.

“That’s it, spread your legs wide for me.” He said.

He placed his lips against mine as his cock pushed forward past my pussy lips to plunge deep inside of me.

The immediate thrust of his cock made me cum. The pleasure of the passion to feel his hard shaft deep inside me in the dark, was pure ecstasy. His body pressed against mine as I pulled my legs up so he could impale me deeper. Yes, the full intoxication of his body with his cock pressed into me as he moved into me, brought me to full orgasm in seconds

We weren’t silent with our act.

“That’s it, fuck that pussy!” I exclaimed.

“You like that cock deep inside you.” He answered.The more he pushed the more I pushed back.  The tug-o-war of sexual thrusts and exchange.  Exclaiming my desire to feel his cock impaling my hot wet hole was not just out of sheer want to feel him and to  hear my want, but for him to push his cock deeper and harder into my pussy.

The wetness flowed from me as our bodies moved together, feeding off each others want. It wasn’t lust, just the pure passion of sharing one another’s true feeling that was rooted deep within our soul. I’ve met my match.

Knowing I had cum, he pulled back from me, not that he was finished, only moving to the next step. Kneeling in front if me, I knew what he desired. I had to suck on him again.

Tasting my cum on his hard cock aroused me even more as I licked it off.  He verbalized my action of me licking my essence and the sensations of my wet mouth around his shaft as a I licked and sucked on him again.  Feeling his throbbing member in my mouth just wanted me to feel him inside my pussy again.

Even in the dark he pulled my hair back though we were only silhouettes in the evening moonlight.

“Turn around.” he said.

Like a good student I listened to my master and did as I was told.

Pressing my chest flat against the bed, stretching my arms wide against the bed, and raising my ass up in the air, he grabbed hold of my hips.   His cock knew right where to go and with one thrust he was in.  Hot juices flowed at the first feeling of his member propelling into my hot pussy.  I screamed out in the pleasure of his penetration.

“Fuck that pussy!  That’s it fuck it!” I said.

“You really like that cock deep in your pussy, don’t you Victoria?” he asked, as if I had to answer that question, but I did with a firm “yes”.

Gripping my hips tighter under his hand, my mind could imagine his hands tight on the fleshy part of my ass.  He smacked it hard and I shrilled in the delight of his commanding assertiveness.  Yes, Daddy was home.

“Fuck me!” was all I could say over and over again.  The feeling of his hard cock moving inside my hot pussy as I came repeatedly in pleasure of the sexual release.  I couldn’t get enough as I buried my face in the sheets and my hands gripped at the bedding to try to hold on.   Pushing my ass back against his forward thrusts, I couldn’t get enough of his cock and the deeper he pushed it into my pussy, the more I wanted it.

“Fuck me harder!” I hollered out.

“You like that dick deep in your pussy?” he asked again.  Leaning forward so I could feel his body against mine, he whispered in my ear, “I’m your Daddy.”

There was no question; yes I enjoyed feeling him deep inside me.  The pleasure of the pure passion we shared.  The exhilaration of his cock pushing deep inside me as I came and the orgasms were frequent and hard, at times subtle, but still present with each exclamation of my enjoyment of the pleasure his body gave me.

Gripping my flesh harder, I felt the tension build as his thrusts became deeper and harder.  I matched every one of them.  The joyous delivery of his cock inside my pussy made me wet with excitement and ecstasy.

He came hard inside me.  I hollered in the joy of feeling his hot juices fill my cavity and run from my pussy onto his balls. as his hands gripped me even tighter.

The sheets were wet from my mouth-watering over the excitement and the pleasure of the joy he gave me. My breathing heavy but I hadn’t noticed until now, as the sweat from my chest I could now feel.  Pure sexual release of passion and desire couldn’t be met.

This was not a dream.  I didn’t need to pinch myself.

Pulling away from me, we collapsed in the aftermath of devotion to bring such pleasure to the surface and to satisfy one another with this pure joy.  The sensation was still present in my pussy as I felt it still hot and wet.

Sleep was close but not for long.  We returned to our position with  my legs intertwined with his and me in his warm embrace.

We kissed each other with the deep passion of desire.  The pleasure released only to be awakened later in the dark, with the moon as our guide.


  1. Wow.

    • WOW – Wet & heavy….even after reading it, I find myself aroused all over again!


      • Awesome the writing really brings it to life

      • So happy to hear you enjoyed this story Mick65. I have many more to write since I am now catching up on my writing. Stay tuned for more erotic true tales!


      • Thanks Victoria I will I not sure where your inspiration comes from but the writings superb

      • I will can’t wait for the next true tale loving your work Victoria

      • Hey Mick –

        I added a new story today, if you haven’t had a chance to read it, stop by and enjoy!

        Happy Thanksgiving!


      • Read it this morning Victoria well written story I liked how the character had her own demands and was so vocal about what she needed

  2. ballsybilly

    Very arousing! Sure got my motor running!

    • Glad you enjoyed this. Wait til you read the next one. Sort of like a prequel to this story.

      ~ Victoria

  3. Mick

    Awsome piece the writing really brings it to life

  4. Awsome the writing brings it to life exciting stuff

  5. john mark

    what can i say except Wow Victoria you really get into your writing

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