The Kiss

Place your lips against mine and let me feel the passion in your touch. You press your lips against me and it takes my breath away.

Soft and smooth your lips feel against mine.

I feel the tension build deep in my soul as your lips touch mine, the desire is growing as you pull me into you. The layers begin to melt away as your kiss heats up my body.

The warmth of your body against mine as your lips move across mine. The sexual want builds as you press your tongue past my lips to explore mine. We dance, our tongues and arms as one roams the inside and the other roams the outside.

Your lips feel so inviting and warm.

I glide my lips over yours feeling the softness of them and the energy builds deep at the bottom of my spine. You let your lips glide down my neck and I tilt my head back and the feeling grows.

Pushing my lips against your I pull on them between mine. Your taste, the heat of your body, it’s just a kiss but so much more.

Kiss me again. Taste my tongue, as they delve into each others cavern looking and seeking enjoyment.

Let my tongue wander over your lips, the heat of desire builds as it spreads like unconfined wildfire; burning, growing deeper and hot throughout my body.

Tongues moving, tasting each other. Hot wet and so inviting. Leading to more then just a kiss. So hot and wanting more.

Yes, kiss me and then kiss me again. Never stop.

Just kiss me.



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