Mischief Night

It was a gloomy day, with low-lying clouds and a constant mist in the air. being late October, this type if weather was normal. It made the colors of the trees vibrant in their many hues of oranges and reds. The day warmed the later the hour got. When the sun finally set, you could still hear crickets as fog began to form on Halloween Eve. But what mischief awaited was yet to happen as the witching hour approached.

A dark and starless night was what was out as she crawled into bed not thinking of much; her day gone past and what tomorrow may bring. Thoughts of joy and passion filled her mind as she lay under the blankets in the dark. Yes, many thoughts of him wandered there too, weaving their way in and out if her mental “to-do” list.

Slumber soon invaded her thoughts as she drifted to the place of not asleep but not awake.

The dog did not stir with the front door opening or with the footsteps down the hallway. She did not hear his entrance or his approach. She sighed as she laid in almost dream state. Not sure if she was dreaming or what she was hearing was real.

He undressed in the dark, not wanting to disturb her. Looking at the clock it was just after midnight. He made good time he thought. He watched her in the low glow of the moon, though the clouds were thick he could make out her figure in the bed. Her dark hair flowing across the pillow, he could hear her breathing was deep.

Removing his clothing, he slowly pulled back the covers not to startle or scare her, he moved patiently into the bed, sliding up against her body. Feeling the warmth of her flesh as the sheets moved across his body.

He smelled her hair as he laid his head down on the pillow next to hers. Languidly he pulled the covers over himself, positioning himself closer to her so he could feel her bare ass against his body. He so much enjoyed spooning with her. The way they just molded together just right.

He slowly ran his hands under the covers and reached out to touch the skin of her thigh; soft and warm. She stirred with his touch, but did not wake. He moved closer, pressing his chest into her back and she stirred ever so slightly.

Feeling his body against hers she knew she wasn’t dreaming, that this was real. His body felt so warm and inviting to her. She couldn’t break away from the beginning of her dream and wake to the reality of him there lying next to her in the dark. The desire began to build and she knew she wasn’t dreaming, it was real and so was he.

Waking from her soft slumber she turned to face him in the dark. A surprise but so much a welcomed visit in the night.

Pressing against each other as they moved into one another. She wrapped her leg around him, intertwining it like a wild vine around his leg. Feeling his cock pressing against her body, she knew this was no dream.

Lips locked as their tongues tasted their day. She ran her tongue over his smooth lips as he rolled her onto her back pressing himself into her. She welcomed his advances. No words were spoken. The passion was building in her with and for him being close. Closer than in her dreams.

He pulled her arms up above her head and she opened herself to him as he pushed her legs apart to allow himself access to her hot waiting pussy. Her breathing deep under his touch as she felt his hands move across her flesh. She wanted him deep inside her. He felt the need to please her as he pushed his cock into her waiting cavern.

With just the first push came release. Hot flow of passion as she felt his cock thrust into her. She released a gasp of initial shock but returned his motion with her body, letting him know the pleasure she felt.

She vocalized the joy of his cock first in a whisper but with each thrust she grew louder. Meeting each forward motion of his with her own of feeling against her. Pulling and tugging at each other in a constant tug-o-war of desire, passion and want. She came with force and he felt her wetness flow and she told him so not so quietly and he relished in the joy of satisfying her.

It was with pure ecstasy as she grabbed him tighter, with legs and arms, not wanting to let go as their lips still found each other in the dark. She smelled his day of work, he was like her aphrodisiac, nothing could stop the passion or want for him.

She tightened her pussy around his cock feeling it slide in and out of her wet hot hole. She couldn’t get enough of him. She came again as she could feel his cock throb harder inside her.

Still wrapped tightly around him, she felt every inch of his body, every muscle move upon her. He was all to her. The joy and ecstasy he gave her. She wanted to please him as much as her.

Gripping her tighter, his cock throbbed as he came with the force as she matched it with all it’s glory as her juices flowed from her. Exclaiming the joy and passion he gave her as they melted in that moment of mutual orgasm and exhilarating sensation. The unmatchable pleasure.

She stirs under the sheets.

It’s Mischief Night and this was all just a dream.

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