Dream A Sweet Dream

Let my kisses warm you in the dark
I feel your naked body pressed against mine.

The scent of your flesh excites me
My hands explore your body in the nighttime

Warm me with your embrace under the sheets
Your hard cock fills my hot cavern that wants you.

The sky shines bright with the moon
Filling the room with a soft glow.

I hold you tight as our lips meet in the midnight hour.
You feel the passion and desire through my touch.

I wrap my body around you, my legs intertwine with yours.
I need to feel every inch of your flesh.

I want you in the dark.
The morning light is hours away, and we will share this intimacy again.

Dream my Sweet as I kiss you a goodnight.
Hold me tight in the moonlight.

Let slumber float over us like a soft blanket.
Warmth of passion is our dream as we escape the day.

Dream a Sweet Dream my love as I kiss you goodnight.
Thoughts of you linger in my mind as sleep takes over and I dream a sweet dream of you.

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