My True Daydream

I desire your body near me. The thought of you conjures up images of passion I feel deep within my soul. I want time to stand still when you’re near me and we are together. I can feel the want to share my soul with you. Let me feel your warm embrace, soon.

Minutes become hours which become days. The sun sets and rises many times between our time together, but you are not far from my thoughts as I go through my routine everyday. Waiting for that moment again, to share a kiss, an embrace. Feel your arms around me as we greet and through the night. I sigh in anticipation as the minutes tick by. Feel your hands touch me as we smile upon one another.

I replay our last morning over and over in my mind. Your body pressed against me as your lips touch mine and I taste you, your tongue invading my mouth like a serpent seeking out its victim. I invite it and long for that moment again. You holding my hands above my head as I open up to you, vulnerable, but not prey, I welcome that moment. Your tongue licking at my hot pussy as your cock waits its turn. I close my eyes and allow myself to float into you, becoming yours.

I want your lips upon my breasts, as you suck on my nipples and your hands cup them feeling the fullness. I feel your flesh warm and inviting under my hands as they roam your body wanting to feel all if, take you all into memory. To smell your body, the scent that is you, as it fills my nostrils and sparks that desire deep inside me, filling me with want for you more and more. Yes, that moment of shared desire felt through your me.

Let me suck your cock and feel it inside my mouth that hungers to satisfy you. My tongue runs the length of your shaft as it disappears into my hot orifice only to reappear again. I want to lick your balls and kiss your inner thigh and feel your flesh against my cheek. To taste you and lick you. I feel the desire for you grow with each minute.

My body is yours for the taking, so let’s enjoy the passion of sexual desire as we share the intimacy of one another. From the moment you kiss me hello until the second your lips leave mine as we say goodbye.

Share that daydream, that moment with you.

To feel your hard cock deep inside me in the night and then again in the morning. The warm embrace of passion and desire as the sun kisses the day hello or when the moon says good evening to the night. You are there in my thoughts, close to the edge, just under the skin and on my lips.

The daydream I have is a constant replay of you, throughout my day. A reminder of yesterday and a thought for tomorrow. Until the moment of having your lips on mine and your warm embrace once again and only then will the daydream be reality and I can start a new daydream once again.

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