The Man of My Desire

Sex. I haven’t had sex in almost a year. Now that I have a person in my life, my mouth waters for it. I daydream and fantasize about it. Masturbation only helps out so far and then I feel disappointed and empty. I need a man to touch me.

My Rodman and I share our desire for each other through texts and phone conversations, so it is close to the surface on a daily basis. Our daily exercise of teasing, give and take, want and need as that moment grows closer by the day. I want to feel him naked against me not just for the fleeting moment but for a time that cannot be measured.

On Saturday he arrives bringing with him some wine and food to satisfy our appetite. But it’s our sexual appetite that needs being fed.

I had readied myself, dressing in something comfortable but very appealing to the eye. I purposely put on a red and black shirt, a black skirt and seamed stockings. He likes me in stockings. The last touch; lips painted red. He likes red lipstick. Provocative and sexual was my plan. I’m comfortable in my skin and he makes me feel sexual as a woman, only wanting to excite him in my dress.

I love to just look at him and hear his voice as I watch his lips move. Infatuation? No. Lust? No. It is pure desire to share our want of each other. Feeling his hands and arms around my body brings a deep-rooted longing to satisfy him as he fulfills my want for him.

He traces the features of my face. So lightly is his touch on my skin and all I want to do is kiss him and feel his arms around me, holding me tightly against his body. The warmth building in my body as I feel the heat grow in my pussy.

He runs his hands up my thighs pushing them apart as my skirt rises above the top of my stockings. I watch him as he admires my flesh under my garments and I let my hands run up his shirt. His fingers trace the crotch of my thong, pulling it away just far enough so his fingers run across my pussy lips that are cleanly shaven. He raises the want for him in his touch.

He looks up from crotch, still running his hands across my legs and I lean forward to kiss him. Wrapping my arms around him I feel the warmth of his body. Like a slow fire inside me, I’m smoldering for him. Burning hot for his touch, his lips and all of him.

He pulls me into him and feel the firmness of his arms, I smell the scent of his hair as my lips move over his face. I’m full of desire for him. My lips move across his skin returning to his as our tongues play and explore. I feel the sexual arousal build within my soul for him. The night is young and we have all the time to explore each other.

Slowly we let go of each other and I sit back down in my chair. Feeling the rush of desire still so close to the surface, I smile and he smile backs. Though we continue to converse we are so much of wanting to touch each other, to feel one another’s’ body.

He pushes my chair back and pulls my skirt up to my hips, spreading my legs and squats in front of me. Pulling my thong to the side he licks my hot pussy and my mind reels at the feeling of having him give me such pleasure. This is what I miss and he is who I want.  I close my eyes to feel the warmth of his tongue on my hot lips as the sensation rises through my body.  He stops and pulls my skirt down back around my thighs, but not before running his hands over my legs one more time.

Pulling on the bottom of my shirt, he lifts it up above my breasts, exposing my strap-less bra, pulling it down he traces the dragonfly tattoo on my breast with his finger tips admiring it  He states he wanted to see the whole thing as he begins to squeeze and then suck on my nipples making them hard.  Like a shock to my system at the feeling he gave me, I didn’t stop him, but enjoyed the feeling his mouth was giving to me.  Stopping himself, he pulls my bra back up and replaces my shirt to where it was.

We share more wine, kisses and embraces. Time ticks by, but not much.

He leads me to my bedroom and sits me on my bed.  I begin to unbutton his shirt and he watches me as I do so.  He reaches down and takes off my shoes.  He pulls off my shirt over my head and stops me from undoing my bra.  He wants to remove it.  His hands feel warm against my bare flesh. He is commanding but not dominant.  He knows what he wants and I feel the full passion of his desire.

He unzips my skirt and I slide back across the bed.

Pressing his body into mine as he lies on top. Our lips meet and his hair falls down across my face. I grab hold of him. Wanting him more as my hands move across his flesh and our tongues explore more of each other. I let my tongue slide across his lips tasting him and I can smell him, his flesh, his hair. I want him even more now than I did before.

I wrap my legs around his waist locking my ankles. He fits just right. Yes, this is what I wanted. What I have daydreamed about since our first date. Oh yes. The feeling of a man I desire who desires me back.

Like two feverish animals we want more of each other. He grabs hold of my breasts squeezing them and sucking my nipples even harder than before. I’m awakened by his touch, his determination. I feel all of him as my feet run up his legs and back. Yes, this is what I want. I want him.

He sits back and positions himself so his cock is hanging in front of me and I begin to suck on him and cup his balls. Licking his head and toying with it as it disappears into my cavern that is hungry for him. To please him.

Aww yes, the passion and desire as we….

Now do you think I’m going to share every detail? Guess again. There will be more for me to tell you. More to share and excite you with. For I have my Rodman and he has his Victoria.


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