Victoria has a Date!

This is part erotic and part humor. I’m sure you’ll find all of it amusing.

Being single sucks, so making the decision to try on-line dating was possibly the only way I would meet someone to at least communicate to or even date or going beyond that and have a relationship with. Though I tried it many times in the past and found myself spinning wheels and going nowhere, I threw my thoughts to the wind and ventured into the world of on-line dating once again.

Many cannot match up to what I want. Or to coin the phrase, “what I seek”, and I found myself being bombarded by suitors that lived in other states, wrong age, wrong lifestyle, etc.,  I was about to give up, but then it happened.

I ran across a profile of a man I found interesting enough to consider, though he lived an hour away I took a chance and dropped him a note.

I was surprised to find that he replied.  Though emails were random because of his work schedule and mine.

Through conversation we learned about each other, and we were open from the beginning about what we both were seeking….so let’s jump ahead.

I readied myself for our first date.  It was a unseasonably warm October evening.  I was sweating like a pig trying to get ready in a bathroom with two labs watching me.  I changed my shirt twice as I was getting dressed unsure what to wear; too much cleavage or just something simple, and on top of it I was running late.  I was nervous and at the same time unsure of this decision.  So many thoughts ran through my mind.

I decided to wear a sequined tank top, jeans and heels.  Can’t forget the heels.  He is 6 feet tall and I’m 5 feet.  A definite difference there.

We agreed to meet half-way between our two locations and I ventured out in the direction to meet him.

I received a call.

“Where are you? Are you on your way?”

“Yes, I replied.  I’m running a bit late but should be there soon, about 25 minutes depending upon traffic.”

I ventured into the world of unknown.  Taking a risk, a chance at finding or at least meeting someone who would accept me for who I am. A person that I knew from a thumb-nail photo.

Pulling into the parking lot of the bar and parking, I said many things to myself as I walked from my car to the door. I’m sure none of it was memorable or I’d write it down. I was probably just hoping he’d be here and I wouldn’t get stood up. I entered the establishment as if I had been there several times before.

He was easy to identify among the locals that were there.   He has long salt and pepper hair and glasses and full sleeves.  For those that may not know what that means; his arms are fully tattooed.  He also happened to be wearing my favorite color; black.  Was this an omen?  I took it as one as I walked over to where he as sitting, introduced myself and shook his hand.

After some small talk about our day and the initial thought of what we both look like in person versus what we look like in our on-line photo, we found ourselves deep in conversation about anything and everything.

Humor seemed to come naturally between the two of us and we discussed many different topics along with doing some people watching.

Oh how my mind wandered.

I thought what would he feel like pressed against me? Would his lips feel good against mine? What would he taste like? I wanted to run my tongue across his lips. These were only a couple of thoughts that raced through my brain as we sat there talking. I tried very hard to pay attention to him. Not that it was difficult. I enjoyed watching his mouth move and looking at his facial features. He was very easy on the eyes.

I felt his leg against mine as we sat close at the bar, I’m sure the other patrons watched us and wondered. Did we look like we were in a “first date”? I wondered. He leaned into me and kissed me on the cheek. Rush and exhilaration of warmth ran through me. It had been so long since I had that much contact with a man, one that wasn’t married.

Oh and the thoughts of wrapping my legs around him, to feel his flesh against mine. The warmth and heat of his body brought desire to my soul. Then I thought, does he where underwear? And if so what kind? Oh yes, many thoughts of desire were lurking just under my skin and not far from my lips.

Not wanting to be too forward I wanted to touch him, but I held back only letting my hand glance over his bare arm or slide across his leg. So many thoughts and I had to file them away. Keep them secure and to myself for at least the time being.

He kissed me. Another surprise. Yes, soft lips, inviting to the touch and warm on mine. Where was this going? Yes, I wanted to see him again.

He kissed me again. I leaned into him and said, “We’re not going to swap spit sitting at a bar.”

Finding humor in ourselves was so natural and I felt relaxed and comfortable with him, and still my mind wandered. Where is this going?

Time to part our ways, and no I wasn’t going to turn into a pumpkin, but I had responsibilities to attend to.

We stood and walked outside. Laughing at each other, I turned to him and removed my 5″ heels so he could see how short I really was. “You are short.” He leaned down and kissed me, yet another surprise. He isn’t afraid to be affectionate; a big plus. He responded as he walked me to my car.

The dreaded goodbye. The awkward moment when you have to part ways and your not sure what to say or do. I fucking hate them, especially on first dates. He made it very comfortable.

He leaned down to kiss me and I felt his arms around me as I returned the kiss. His lips felt so good against mine as we stood in an embrace leaning against my car. It was difficult to let go. To feel his arms around me and holding me I had no problem returning the embrace. He felt good against me and I so wanted to explore him.

Still sharing humor with each other, I told him that I don’t wear heels all the time and I didn’t meet his height requirements as was stated on his profile. He lowered his body, pressing himself against me, so we were face to face, “It doesn’t matter when we’re like this.”

I replied, “I could just cut you off at the knees.”

Victoria has met her Rodman.

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