A Wet and Hard Morning Greeting

“Good morning my lovely girlfriend. I really need to make love to you with my tongue and lips all over your big tits and sweet honey pot than sink my hard cock into that wet pussy giving you every inch until you cry out in pleasure and cum all over me.”

My morning greeting.

I feel the heat of desire in my pussy as I read this and I smile to myself in the dimly lit room. Licking my lips as I feel the want for him to be next to me in the predawn hours.  The hot embrace of his body.  His flesh pressed into mine.

I answer, “Yes, to feel your flesh pressed against mine as we are in the clutches of passion and to feel your lips pressed against mine in the morning of hot love.”

Desire is a breath away.  Deep within my soul I feel him. His presence is with me, deep within my body as my pussy cries out for his touch. I can almost feel his last kiss on my lips as I lay in bed stretching, waking with my morning wetness that goes ungathered.

I reach down between my legs and feel the heat and moisture of my pussy, as I touch myself and think of him. I long for his body next to me. To feel his hard cock that is raging for attention, but is also wanting to please me.

Our need for each other is evident in our words we share in private and public. The layers are being peeled away with each time we are with one another. Exposing more of my soul to him. I have no fear. We have yet explored one another’s flesh, that moment will happen.

“Morning my Sweetheart! I just woke up and I can’t wait “til the day I can wake up with you, to feel your warm flesh pressed against me as we share our morning passion and to feel your hard cock deep inside me as I cry out with the pleasure and as I cum! Yes that day! Looking forward to it.”

Knowing he is still asleep, I wait for a response.

I don’t have to wait long and he sends me a picture of his hard cock.

“Good morning sugar. I’m giving you some cock this morning to enjoy.”

Yes, now the desire has been raised many levels. An exchange of words are given as desire and want for each other spill from our lips through words sent via the cyber word of texting.

“I think you need your pussy licked and fucked good until you cum over and over again.”

I don’t disagree as thoughts of that moment come to mind. That time to share the intimacy of our embrace and for him to release all the passion deep within me as I cum. To feel his body against mine, his hard cock deep inside my hot wet pussy. That feeling of ecstasy as we share our morning desire with each other, beyond pictures and words. That moment is yet to be realized but it is close on the horizon, if not on the tip of our mind and lips.

Here’s a thought…

“Let my tongue lick the inside of your thigh and it leads me up to your balls and I lick your hard shaft as it disappears into my warm mouth and my tongue circles your head, toying it as your cock is swallowed whole by my mouth.”

I’m told I’m a tease. The games we play as we toy with each others’ sexual desires. Back and forth we go, not just through texts, but verbally on the phone and again face to face. Yes, the sexual passion lurks like a dark voice inside both of us, not evil or bad, but it lingers waiting for the opportunity where we can ravish each other and explore that place of pure sexual want. I’m wet with desire and thought of him.

I find myself paging back through his texts to look at the picture of his hard cock. The desire is real and waiting.

So if I’m a tease, he’s in for a load of sexual play!

“The feeling of hot flesh as you are pressed against me. Our tongues play like random children to a game that they only they know. Your cock pressed hard against my pussy as I wrap my legs around you pulling you into me. Feeling the passion in our touch and within our souls as we lay within each others embrace.”

Attached is a picture of my breasts encased in the bra that holds them firm.

The banter and teasing continue through the day. Words exchanged via text or on the phone to share of our passion we want to unleash on each other. Nothing is hidden or considered taboo.

“Feel the need in my flesh to feel you in the morning before the sun has kissed the sky, put your lips to mine and wake me, shake the sleep from my body and hold me close. Let me feel the desire, the want, as your hard cock pushes into me to wake my day, my body, my soul.”

I start the game again the next day, including a topless picture of my full breasts.

“Good morning my love. I really need to lay with you in a bed. Your beautiful breasts are so much desired to be milked by my hands,lips,and tongue. I need to kiss and lick your inner thighs as I 69 you and my hard cock explores your hungry mouth and my mouth moves to your pussy to taste the nectar flowing from it. Lets satisfy our desires and needs soon. I love you.”

Yes, that’s a way to wake up! Better than any cup of coffee that’s for fucking sure!

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