I Want More

As he sat beside me at the bar he continuously rubbed my thighs and whispered in my ear. Feeling his warm breath on my flesh was creating a sensation throughout my body. I thought of his lips pressed against mine, the warmth of his body as he held me tight. Yes, I was falling for him. I can smell his flesh, like a spell being cast over me.

Thoughts of him naked, lying next to me was all I could envision. I tried concentrating on his words, but my mind was leading me down a different path. I smiled an evil grin as thoughts raced through my mind. His voice melted all the barriers of my inner soul. I reached out to touch him, feeling the skin of his arm that was warm to touch.

I wanted to run my hand up his arm, under his sleeve to feel as much of him as I could in a public place. Yes, it was exciting to have him so close to me.  I felt alive and awakened by him, his voice warming my soul.  I felt the desire begin to build inside me with each word we exchanged.

The hem of my dress moved slightly up, exposing the top of my stockings which excited him. The warmth of his hand on my leg, spread across my flesh rising up through my body. Desire growing stronger with each second I spend with him. The passion felt between us is mutual, and yet to be explored. Time will tell when that moment will be reached.

I moved my hand across his back, feeling the texture of his shirt, he was wearing my favorite color; black. He is looking in my eyes and I return the gaze, I see not just him but his soul. Filled with sincere words as they pour from his smooth lips that I want so much to explore with my tongue.  Gazing at him raises my desire, reaching a limit to almost overflow for him. Watching his lips move and all I can think of is them pressed against mine as our tongues play with joy in the exploration of our mouths.

Moving closer so I can feel his leg against my thigh, I feel the want I have for him.

My mind races of thoughts of being naked…

His lips pressed on mine as my hands roam his flesh feeling the heat of passion emitting from his body.  His chest pressed against my body as I feel the heat of desire building within myself, wanting him to break it open and allow it to flow from me.

His hands move across my body as they cup my breasts and he lets his lips move across my bare flesh and it tingles under his touch.  My nipples erect as his tongue runs over them, exploring and teasing me as I lay and watch him.  Admiring his patience of wanting to satisfy me and he wants to feel every inch of my body.  To feel the passion of my soul as he opens me up and I allow him in.

My fingernails running across his back, I close my eyes to take in the sensation of his body; the warmth, the scent and of course his touch.  Letting myself feel released and I want it all. All of him.  I feel the heat building inside of me and my pussy is begging for attention from him as his lips move across my hot flesh.  His hair falls across my chest heightening the passion felt in his touch and I want him. I lick my lips with the desire of his hard cock that I feel pressing against my leg.  I breathe heavy and sigh with his touch. The pleasure is building.

I want to tear at his flesh as he moves down between my legs and begins to lick my pussy that is starving for attention of a man’s touch.  I open myself up to him as he toys with my lips letting his tongue run across them so lightly, teasing me, licking my clit and allowing me to enjoy every feeling of his mouth. My breathing heavy as I drift to a world of him and his touch.  The pleasure of feeling his lips pressed against my pussy and his tongue licking at me creating my wetness and it flows from me.

Pressing his finger into my folds, I release my juices and he licks at my sweet nectar, enjoying the pleasure he is giving me, feeling my body tense and release under his touch.  I want more.  Not just his lips but to feel his hard cock probing my inner cave.  I wait.  I lick my lips as I hold on ready to release the pent-up frustration of an orgasm, my fingers clench the sheets with  the anticipation of my explosion of sexual release.

Release comes fast and quick as I push my pussy onto his tongue and finger, telling him not to stop, and I cum with force and the juices flow from me.  Wanting to feel his flesh , I grip his shoulders and let my fingers run through his hair as he looks up at me to see the delight in my eyes.  The ecstasy of passion met.  I want more, but I wait.

He enjoys satisfying me and knowing the elated feeling he is giving me even before he has finished the task of pushing his cock deep within me and hearing me cry out for more.  Yes, he relishes in the joy of this moment as he continues to lick my pussy tasting my sweet juices and feeling the euphoria through my flesh.  Yes, the satisfaction is mutual.

Slower his movements become as he licks and kisses the inner part of my thighs, letting his finger probe me as I’m wet and hot from my orgasm.  My breathing is deep and heavy, I lick my lips that are dry but want to feel his lips pressed against mine. Closing my eyes I can feel his body move across mine.  His cock pressed against my leg begging to be someplace warm, and I know where it is heading.

The smoothness of his skin against my body as he pushes his lips against mine, letting our tongues play together again. Feeling the weight of his body like a warm welcoming blanket to keep me warm and wanting more.  His cock is pushing hard against my lips wanting in, He presses further as I spread my legs and wrap them around his body, locking my ankles only to pull him into me.  Tighter and closer.  I want more.

Feeling his body tight against mine as I feel his cock pushing further into me and I explode.  Cumming with force of an orgasm.  Releasing all that passion onto him as I grip him with my legs and my arms, pulling him into me.  This is just the beginning of this episode of many to come in the future.  I scream out in joy as I unleash my passion upon him.  He welcomes the exhilaration.  My energy is high and he meets it with each thrust of his cock deeper inside me.

Pulling and gripping at each other as we flow as one.  Sharing the intimacy of the embrace of sexual want.  We meet one anothers’  desire of the flesh.  But it’s not lust it is pure passion of the soul.  Filling my need, the void that has been held empty for so long.  The sexual gratification that we are willing to share as we move with each other.  His flesh pressed into mine.  The heat rising deep from within my pussy as I cum.

I want more.

It is far from over, it is only the beginning as he holds me tight pushing his hard cock inside me as I scream out in the joy of my sexual desires being unlocked.  They have been trapped inside for too long.  Our bodies molded together, not willing to let go.  My legs still wrapped tightly around him as we move with each other in this tight embrace of sexual exchange.

His lips tight against mine, our tongues dancing; exploring and wanting to please each other as our bodies move to a dance that our tongues don’t follow, but it’s the joy of the sexual pleasure.  The want to satisfy each other.  We are far from done.

I blink and I open my eyes….

I see his lips moving and I am back at the bar watching him.  My mind ventured off for just a second. If only he knew where it went. He leans into me and I feel his warm breath on the flesh of my neck.  I think to myself I want more.

I reach down and feel the tenseness of his leg as his lips press against my skin. I want more.   My skin reacts and so does my body at his touch, and it is only his lips I feel against my neck. What would it feel like to have his whole body naked pressed against me.

I want more. Yes, I want him.

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