Early Morning

Good morning he said to her as he turned to face her under the warm sheets. As their lips touched she pressed her breasts into his chest as he pulled her tight against his naked hot body wanting more of her as they laid holding each other tight and kissed passionately.

The sun streaming through the window created a warmth, but the heat was from the passion in the morning embrace.

Pressing their bodies tighter, trying to feel as much of their naked flesh, intertwining themselves they couldn’t get any closer. The morning time together was their favorite. Sharing the intimate embrace of their desire for one another.

Their hands moving across their warm flesh, exploring one another, as if it was their first time, never tiring of this morning exercise.

Kisses hot and welcomed, his smooth lips pressed tightly against hers, heightening the sexual passion from deep within her soul. Wanting more, to end the craving that wasn’t lust but true passion of each other.

Hot flesh pressed against each other as her breathing became deep and heavy, his lips moved from hers and caressed the sides of her neck giving her a sensation she felt throughout her body. She ran her hand across the smoothness of his skin feeling the warmth and desire.

When out of nowhere the dog got on the bed and started licking her face!

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