Morning Dew

The sun crests the horizon, slowly burning off the morning fog that lays like a blanket over the landscape. The grass is heavy with dew that has formed in the dawn’s haze. Like the heavy wetness that she felt in her pussy of the desire for sexual rapture from him as he lay next to her.

The window is open and the sweet smell of Autumn air is drifting into the room. Her body is warm and naked under the soft covers, she reaches down between her legs and feels the soft folds of her shaven pussy. The warmth coming from her own body is inviting as she caresses herself. She lets out a low sigh of pleasure of her own touch as her arousal grows.

Feeling her body awakening under her own touch she needed or wanted more than what her own hands could give her. No time like the present crossed her kind, as she moves closer to him and felt the warmth of his flesh under the sheets.

She gently ran her hand up his thigh, like a whisper against his flesh, feeling his body react to her touch. She slowly pressed her chest against his back, letting her lips move across his shoulders and he began to stir. He let out a moan of pleasure not sure if he was dreaming or if what he was feeling was real.

She reached around to his cock to see if it was awake, and yes it was stirring to, wanting attention as she began to caress him in the predawn hour.

Now waking from his slumber as she kissed his flesh and stroking his cock, he felt the hot need grow. Enjoying the moment of her touching him, he reached over and ran his hand down her thigh as she stretched it over his body, pressing herself tighter to him. No words needed to be spoken as she continued to stroke his cock and he floated in the pleasure of her touch.

Feeling his hardness grow as she stroked him; the heat of his body and the moisture growing within the folds of her pussy, she was getting impatient. Wanting to feel his lips pressed against hers, tasting him in the intimate, the full pleasure of his body. His body was fully awake and she was ready to accept him.

Rolling over to face her, he wasted no time. His eagerness was evident with his hard cock throbbing in her hand, his lips found hers as he pushed her onto her back, spreading her legs with his to push his stiff shaft against her waiting pussy.

She gasped as his head pushed through her folds, pressing deeper into her as she felt the flow of juices begin. His lips on hers pressing hard as his tongue explored her void finding her hot demon waiting to meet his. She grabbed hold and wrapped her legs around his hips as he thrust the length of his full shaft deep within her hot wet pussy.

She pulled at his flesh and met his thrusts as she felt tied to him with her legs. His skin hot against hers as the cool morning air wafted through the window. Gripping at his ass, feeling her nails begin to dig into his flesh she couldn’t control her orgasm as she came with a rush of juices. They flowed from her and his cock glided in and out of her hot cave with ease.

Releasing her lips from his, she gasped and began to vocalize her pleasure of her sexual release. He was far from done.

He wrapped his arm underneath her, gripping her shoulders, driving his cock deeper into her. Pulling himself back only to drive it forward again. She began to scream out in joy of sexual ecstasy of the release of pent up passion that had built up over night.

He returned his lips to hers, her hand now pulling on the flesh of his back wanting to rip it from his bones. Her legs still wrapped tightly around him as he continued with his impaling of her body with his hard cock. Feeling every inch of his body, as it tensed and they flowed together as one, the heat was intense. Not just from their bodies but from the passion and sexual energy shared from deep within their soul.

Pulling himself up from, leveraging himself on his hands, her legs still wrapped around him, he thrusts into her. Watching her face, the deepness of her passion as she exploded again with an orgasm, more intense than the one prior.

He watched as her breasts moved with each thrust, making a motion that was a mirror of his thrusts. He leaned back and grabbed hold her hips, so to make sure to fill her with each penetration. She grabbed at his forearms as her breathing was heavy and deep. Still watching her, immersed in her facial expression of satisfaction of his cock. Knowing he wouldn’t last much longer.

Gripping her hips tighter as he felt his own orgasm growing, she could feel his cock throbbing harder inside her too. His fingers digging deeper into her flesh as he thrust harder inside her. She meeting every forward motion. He let loose, exploding his hot cum from deep within his shaft and emptying it inside her well. She met his orgasm with a flow of hot juices feeling them inter-mix and run out of her pussy.

He thrust with each spasm of his orgasm, she screaming the pleasure of release, their bodies tensing with the unleashing of sexual passion.

They spent their fluids as he collapsed on top of her, his cock still pulsating inside her pussy that has tightened around it, to drain it of its hot fluid. He pressed his body into hers, molding them together. She unlocked her legs, letting them slide down his thighs to his calves, feeling every muscle of his legs. His body felt delicious to her, every inch of it.

He placed his lips on hers so gently, kissing her with passion and sensuality, feeling the softness if them.

Pulling back for a moment he looked into her eyes and saw the woman he found desirable beyond all others. In the morning light, with the cool Autumn air filling the room, he couldn’t resist her.

“Good Morning Sweetheart.” He said.

As he kissed her deeply with all the passion held within his soul.


  1. Beautifully written. I love the sensual imagery of the opening two paragraphs. Felt like foreplay for the mind…

    • Thank You! Happy Monday!


      • I’ve had a wonderful Monday. Thank you!

      • Always start the week off with the right positive attitude!

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