It Takes Only Seconds

The warm flow of skin. Marked with ink shines white in the full moon.

Hands moving across it, feeling every hair as you touch me.

Hot feeling of desire and passion as the rush of hot juices flow.

Lips smooth but wanting as they press hard against mine. Tongues dancing like two devils in secret.

Your cock presses hard into me as my essence flows and I gasp in pleasure of ecstasy.

You return with another thrust as you fill my cavern with your hard shaft. My pussy is filled with pleasure.

Exclaiming joy, want and desire. Passion pours from me as you thrust into me.

Fill me with joy as I exclaim louder the want for you. Hear me!

Rush of sexual pleasure as I pour forth my orgasm. Wet and dripping of juices.

Turn me over and grab me full. Press yourself into me. Fill me once again.

Take me as I grab at sheets to meet your impaling forward motion.

I tighten to feel your shaft grow and throb as you grip my flesh tighter.

The moon shines through. The crickets sing. And I scream out in the joy of the pleasure dance in the dark.

Fill me. Grip me and make me wet. My juices flow with sexual joy.

You release and together we are a mixture of hot fluids flowing.

Moments, minutes, hours and the time it takes for pure sexual passion to be released and felt?


Lets start over again.

Pull me into you and let me feel your hot embrace. Your desire. Your sexual need for hot passion. Make it last. Not just for minutes, but for a lifetime.


  1. Liked this very much

  2. Tiffany

    This was very sensual and sexy.

    • Hello Tiffany

      Thank you for your comment and I’m glad you enjoyed reading it.


  3. A fine read. Sensual and melodic, like a song.

    • I feel the same way. Funny how sometimes words just flow and they become rhythmic. Happy you enjoyed it!


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