The Soft Spot

Let me first undress you. Unzip your jeans and pull them away from your body. My chest, bare except for my bra is pressed against yours and I can feel the heat from your body. As I pull on your jeans, your hard cock jumps out like a jack-in-the-box, so happy to be released from its cage.

My lips pressed firmly against yours as our tongues dance together. But you allow mine to taste your lips; soft and sweet. The heat from your body is raising the desire in my pussy as my soul burns for your cock deep inside me.

With my lips still on yours I let my hands move across your flesh you are holding me tight, but you give me enough of space to move my fingers eagerly across your skin. I feel you quiver with my touch. Soft and light like a butterfly whispers, you know my hands are there but where will they touch you next.

Your cock pressed against my belly; hard and throbbing wanting attention. Like the lonely child no one will play with, it sits and waits its turn. I feel it pressing hard against me. I want to grab it and suck on it, but I want to enjoy all of you so much before I dive into that prize waiting for me.

You reach around and unsnap my bra, allowing my breasts to be freed. Slipping the garment off my body, you cup my breasts in your hands, squeezing them to feel their fullness. Looking down at them as your hands take the place of the bra, holding them in place, your eyes meet mine. I see the desire for me in your eyes as you search mine for the passion you desire.

My hands still moving across your flesh, feeling the energy exuding from your pores. It has no smell or taste, but I feel it through my fingertips, arousing me as my pussy begins to get wet and tighten under the anticipation of your touch. My mouth waters as I lick my lips and you watch my mouth and I know you want to feel my lips wrapped around your hard cock and my tongue circling your head. It’s just a matter of time, first I want to take you all in.

You press your lips to mine as I move my hand to your throbbing cock wanting so much for attention. Leaving enough room between our bodies for my hand to stroke your hard shaft, gripping it, we are now connected. I feel the satisfaction of my touch as I slowly stroke you, through your lips and body, as you hold me close and let your hands squeeze my flesh.

I feel the energy build inside me; the desire and anticipation of your cock, as my pussy gets warmer and moisture builds in my cavern. With each movement of my hand on your stiff shaft, your lips on mine, your hands on me, I count the seconds in my head of how long should I continue before I wrap your cock with my mouth. Seconds tick, but in my head it feels like minutes.

I pull away and look into your eyes and see the desire as my hand continues to stroke your stiff shaft. I lick my lips and you watch me, you’re in a different place. You have moved to a realm of sexual desire. You sigh as you take a deep breath and I know what you are waiting for.

I kiss your neck and move my mouth and tongue slowly down your torso feeling your flesh react to my touch. I taste your sweat and it like an aphrodisiac to, exciting me more and more the closer I get to your cock. My pussy is pulsating with the thought of your tongue, finger and cock probing and penetrating it. Yes there are so many thoughts going through my mind as my senses are trying to pick up everything about your body.

My hand hasn’t left your hard cock, still stroking it as my tongue has gotten within inches of its mass. Finding that sweet spot of your flesh, the area right above and to the side of your throbbing appendage, soft and supple and so sensitive. I am careful, too light of a touch and it becomes ticklish, to hard and it becomes unsatisfying. Just the right pressure must be applied.

I kiss this area softly. Letting my tongue run over your flesh. Feeling the soft texture of your flesh that is rarely exposed to touch. I savor it. Taking my time, but still exploring your body. You moan in a pleasing way as I glance up to you and our eyes meet. I found one pleasurable soft spot and I’m not done yet exploring the vast territory of your flesh.

You begin to run your fingers through my hair as my mouth and tongue move from one side of your throbbing cock to the other. Letting my lips and tongue tease your cock with just a whisper of my lips as they glance over the head and shaft making it throb and ache as my hand strokes it ever so slowly. Raising the sexual energy and the sensation of my touch to a higher level of intensity. I am enjoying myself as I explore your soft spot, the tenderness of your vulnerability is all mine.

I don’t stop there, I continue to let my lips and tongue move all around your exposed flesh as my lips move down and under your throbbing cock. The position isn’t the best for me to explore more, so I suggest we move to the bed so you can lay back and I can move my tongue to the tender spot between your legs. Yes, that was my goal; the soft fleshy area of your thigh. You don’t argue or disagree because you know that you are the one that will benefit from my mouth and tongue. But I too am enjoying the adventure and raising the need for more as my own pleasure is building deep in my pussy with the exploration of your body.

Now you’re completely vulnerable to me and I feel the tenseness in your muscles of your legs as my hands run up your thighs slowly rubbing them. I let my tongue and lips move up the inner part if your thighs to that soft fleshy spot that is next to your balls that are aching for attention. Your cock throbbing for my mouth but I deprive it as my lips kiss and my tongues licks at your warm flesh.

My pussy also aches for your throbbing shaft as I feel the heat building even more as my desire for you continues to boil, like a covered pot on high heat; ready to blow and spill over.

I’m gentle with my venture into this soft fleshy spot of your body as my lips caress your skin. My tongue making its way up your inner thigh and I feel the heat from you body on my face. Your cock jumps for attention as you move your hands down, letting your fingers run through my long dark hair. Your speaks to me as your breathing becomes deep and heavy and I hear the long sigh of pleasure as my mouth and lips move across your swollen balls.

Yes, the soft spot. I push your legs further apart so my tongue and lips can move freely across your forbidden area. You are mine. My tongue leads the way as I let my lips follow and I lick your balls and my hands massage them ever so gently. You feel the rush of pleasure as you close your eyes to take in the sensation.

Your balls are wet from me licking them. Your shaven and clean so I’m taking full advantage of the soft skin. It is smooth against my tongue as I even caress you with my cheek and my tongue leads me downwards to your dark hole waiting as it puckers in anticipation of my touch.

I slide my fingers between your cheeks letting my index finger push on your sensitive hole. Push. I let my wet finger slide into the tightness and my tongue entertains you as it continues to lick your balls. I know your cock is bouncing and jumping for attention and I reach up and grab it and stoke it. Yes it is wet with pre-cum. It is dripping from your head.

I’m not done. With my finger pushing into your dark hole, my hand wrapped around your cock, my lips and tongue become busy. Licking and nibbling on your fleshy inner thigh, I taste your sweat from your sexual arousal. I become more aggressive, as let my teeth pull on your flesh, making in red. I suck and nibble on you, yes I want to chew in you, but I don’t. I move my mouth from one side to the other, continually licking your balls between each stop.

Not much longer.

I know you are reaching the brink of explosion and we aren’t going to waste your hot juices. I let my tongue lead my lips up your shaft, my finger still pushing into your dark hole, toying with it, knowing you’re enjoying my exploration. My mouth has reached your head and it disappears into the hot wet hole. I suck and let my tongue toy with you. I can taste you.

My mouth swallows your cock almost to the base and I pull it out again. I repeat it, feeling your cock swell and heave with throbbing need. You pull back my hair and I glance up at you as you watch your shaft disappear and reappear over and over again.

Stroking and licking you, my tongue circling your head with each entry, it swells with excitement. Not much longer in deed.

Seconds or is it minutes and your juices explodes! You cum with a force that I feel in the back of my throat. Hot liquid spews from your shaft as you exclaim out in pleasure and joy if the release. I don’t stop sucking as my lips are clenched around your cock sucking on it to get it all. My finger still pressing into your ass as I feel your hole tighten around it, with each contraction of your orgasm.

You taste sweet to me as I swallow every drop of your hot cum. The liquid intensifies my passion and desire for you. I’m drunk on your juices. I stroke your cock to drain it of every bit as you begin to de-climax and your body begins to relax, but is still tense from me invading you. The pleasure is heightened, but I’m not done.

Drained, your cock softens, as I suck on it one last time. I let my lips release it from it grasp, but my mouth continues to wander as my tongue moves down your shaft to your balls which are now relaxed and empty, drained of their fluid.

Removing my finger from your tight hole, I press my hands on your inner thigh to find my sweet spot I so much enjoy, and I suck your flesh. The ever so tender spot inside your upper thug and I sink my teeth into it. Yes, I’m leaving a mark. One that will burn into your memory. The hot pleasure of me sucking and licking you, invading you, and giving you a new experience. My hands caresses it after I lick my lips and look up at you with an evil wicked smile.

Yes, the soft spot.

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