Just Touch Me!

Touch me. Let your hands run across my flesh. It burns for your contact; flesh on flesh, the fire of your skin against mine can be felt deep within my body. A part where you can’t see, but you touch me there every time you body is next to mine.

Embrace me. Let your body be pressed close to mine. Our sweat intermingled and we slide against one another. The pressure from your body is smothering but welcomed on this hot summer day. Your lips hot against mine as we kiss and our tongues search out the embrace of each other in the dark.

Yes, touch me.

Run your lips across my chest and let your tongue lick my nipples. Taste my sweat and feel my skin react to the wetness of your mouth. Explore my body with your mouth. Find each spot that excites me as I quiver and my muscles tense, but it is so inviting.

My chest heaves with each breath I take; deep and fast they become. I sigh and make sounds of pleasure under the touch of your hands and lips. I feel your hot breath on my flesh as you blow upon the wet spots on my skin and my nipples become harder and more erect.

Touch me more.

You move your lips and tongue down my torso, finding my belly button and you toy with that as your hands move across my stomach, along the sides of my body and to the sensitive parts of my inner thighs.

I dig my fingers deeper into your flesh as you move closer to my sweet spot which is throbbing on its own.  Waiting for you to touch it as it aches for attention. Wanting your tongue your hand, your mouth wrapped around it.  I can’t take much more. Touch Me!

I spread my legs to make room for you to venture into the abyss of my ….

Am I talking about a woman or a man?

Aww Yes. I could write so much more…but this is just a Teaser!

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