Wet Your Whistle

Press your fingers into my folds and feel my body react to your touch. The sounds of delight as your hands touch me flow from me like a song of fairies; soft and slow. The deep sensation of your touch is felt in the recesses of my soul and my passion opens up to you.

Your hand is rough but feels soft and inviting to my flesh as you press your finger deep inside. My wetness flows from me as I cum and unleash my fluid of desire. I reach down and hold onto you as your finger continues to explore me and you now press your tongue against my throbbing clit.

The desire building inside me with each lick of your tongue against my soft folds. I lick my lips as they are dry from my heavy breathing as I exclaim my pleasure and tell you not to stop. My fingers digging deeper into your flesh as your tongues dives into my folds licking at my juices as they flow from me.

Like a switch inside my head, now My mind turns to your cock. Picturing it throbbing. The head full and enlarged and how great it would be to either be sucking on it or to feel it deep within mean bringing me the pure ecstasy of sexual pleasure. My mouth waters with the many thoughts running through my mind. My mind is spinning with the delight and the anticipation of what may happen next.

I run the bottom of my feet up your back and down the sides of your torso, feeling the warmth of your body as I quiver and twitch from your continuous finger and tongue motion. My juices flow as I feel myself building to another orgasm. I arch my back and raise my hips to meet the penetration of your finger and the action of your tongue. The energy growing as I now know what I want; your cock, deep inside me.

“I need to feel you inside me!”, I exclaim.

You pull your finger out of my hot folds and stop licking me moving backwards and you look at me seeing the fullness of my want and desire in my face.  Like a message written there for you to read, you know I can’t take much more.

You bring your finger to my mouth and let me taste my juices on it and I savor the taste as you slowly remove it from my mouth.

You grab your cock and rub the head of it against my swollen lips and clit to tease me even more.  I reach up and grab at your chest, trying to pull the skin from your bones as you continue to watch my face knowing you are driving me crazy.  I push my hips up to meet your cock that you continually press into me, toying me with it making me want it even more.

You push it into my folds but then you pull it back out.  Teasing me even more with just the sensation of the fullness as you find joy in this action.  I can’t catch my breath, I feel like my breathing is becoming uncontrollable as you repeat the action again. Toying with my pussy with your hard cock only letting me have a little at a time as you push it in and pull it out, giving me just a little more each time.

I can’t take it.  I scream out “Fuck me!” And you press your cock into me one more time as I….

Did I just leave you hanging again? Maybe I will finish the rest of it later.



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