One August Night

The sky, an indigo blue, almost black as the sparkles of the stars shine down upon me. The sheets smell of fresh country air just having been washed and dried in the summer sun. The room smells of fresh air between the clean linens and the summer breeze that is coming the open window.

Naked I lay in my big king size bed alone only the crickets playing their nocturnal song can be heard, besides the occasional dog bark, there is quiet. My heartbeats in my chest. Open and alone in the dark, just me.

I run my hands over my naked flesh feeling my breast soft but firm as my nipples are erect from my touch as I feel the desire if sexual want begin to rise. My skin feels warm as I touch myself, letting my hand explore my own body. Familiar but strange like exploring unknown territory. Arousal is building in my body as my hand moves down across my torso feeling my belly button ring. Like its own nub of arousal I play with it.

Further I reach down as my right hand moves between my legs to the soft folds of my pussy. My left hand holding my one breast firmly letting the nipple rub against the palm of my hand. My one hand feels the heat from my desire build as it explores further. Rubbing the inside if my legs, so soft and smooth. Clean shaven from earlier in the day. I can still feel the softness of my skin from the lotion I applied after showering. The sift scent if my flesh and the sheets, is bring the want of a touch so close to the surface.

I turn my head to the side and close my eyes as I daydream, imagine or fantasize of a man’s hand running across my flesh. Feeling the callouses of his palms; rough but smooth. They are gentle but direct in his touch, knowing exactly what I want and what he desires to do. Touch. Yes, touch me. Feel my flesh react to him. The heat rises and the fire burns bright for him as I open myself up to his want.

Fingers pressing into my folds as the wetness can be felt with his fingers moving deeper but still gentle. They are gentle but at the same time pressing deeper into my wet cave. As the heat builds and my desire overflows with his touch. I sigh deep and heavy feeling his body pressing more into my body, feeling his Vick hard and determined to find that sweet spot of the pleasure point. Yes, the one spot of joined pleasure.

Spreading my legs, his fingers pressing deeper as they are eager to release that pent up moisture. My beasts heaving as my nipples are pinched and pulled. My breasts molded under his hands. Not forcefully but with a senses of eagerness and pushing the point of pleasure. Yes, squeeze my nipples and make them more erect as your ginger digs deeper into my well releasing the hot juices and I let out a loud sigh of relief and pleasure as I cum with my orgasm.

Arching my back as my mouth gabs open and I begging to voice my pleasure and passion for your touch. Deeper you dive, probing as my puddly is wet and your fingers slide over and into it with ease. The moisture of my pussy is driving your cock to becoming harder as I reach down and stroke it. Grabbing it tighter and your lips find mine in the darkness and press into mine. Tongues lashing at each other, fighting for attention and space.

I want you to take me but I’m enjoying the feeling of your cock in my hand and your fingers probing my pussy and rubbing my clit. Exciting me more and more as my orgasm is beginning to build once again. You pull back your hand only to explore the outer regions of my pussy. The softness if my lips; shaven and the inner softness of my thighs.

I grip your cock tighter, but you make no advances as you push your fingers back inside my hot wet pussy only to release another orgasm as my pussy reacts again with another gush of my hot juices. Harder I grab you with this orgasm, your lips still pressed against mine. Your body hot as I feel the sweat beginning to build between us.

I roll over and pull the sheets up close to my body. I blink thinking I would see you or yet any man of my dreams or fantasy, but all I see is the indigo sky and the sparkle of the nights’ stars.

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