The Soft Summer Breeze

The sheets rustle against our bodies as we reposition ourselves. A cool breeze comes through the window on this late summer evening in August, cooling our bodies from the heat of “sex session” that only moments before we were deeply immersed in. The sun giving its last rays of the day.

Trying to catch my breath while I feel the sweat on my body trickle under my breast and my pussy aches from the repeated action of your cock. It’s not sore, it’s the pleasure of the pain. The feeling of ecstasy of pure sexual pleasure. Release of the frustration, the want of flesh and taste of your body. All the pleasure you give and how my body reacts to it. I lick my lips in complete satisfaction. Like tasting something decadent and wanting to savor it as long as I can.

We are breathing, but now separated, still in contact but not in union and connected like minutes before when your cock was deep inside me. Probing for the heat, moisture and the motion our bodies made in union. Like two dancers performing for a prize. Though the prize was only to satisfy our need for sexual pleasure.

Your cock lays flaccid on your body, dripping the last of your hot fluid from it as it glistens in the ambient light remaining in the room. The smell of sweat and sex is lingering in the room as we casually touch each other, but speak no words. You feel the heat still from my body as we both try to cool ourselves off. Enjoying the slight breeze and the aroma of the outdoors mingles the scent of our sex.

You reach over and touch my arm lightly as I turn and look at you. The look of pleasure, the gratification of the many orgasms you gave me as you take pride in making me cum over and over, is very present on your face. you smile in the gloating look and i know what your thinking. I feel your juices run out of my pussy as my swollen lips are still trying to relax, like I can still feel you impaling me. The sheets wet under my body; from sweat and cum.

My legs ache from being wrapped tightly around you, pulling you deeper into me. My arms grabbing and holding on to you as I screamed and hollered in joy and delight if your cock giving me the ecstasy of hot passion. Yes I can still feel your body pressed against mine. The luxury of hot flesh and passion that so many take for granted, I treasure it and have locked that moment, thought and feeling into my memory.

Muscles twitch and tighten throughout our bodies as we are still trying to relax. Our breathing almost normal and the sheets cling to our sweaty flesh as we begin to move again, not as one but still as two. Two that were once one, encapsulated in each others’ flesh of hot sexual energy.

I move to face you, lying on my side, the need and urge to feel your flesh comes over me like a hot wave of desire. I move my foot up your leg, starting at your ankle, I caress your skin with the bottom of my foot, bringing it up to your thigh and back again as I give my smile of evil desire. I can’t get enough of your body; your flesh, your lips and your cock. The hunger and want begins to grow inside of me again.

You look at me as you are well aware of my want. I can start-up again, my pussy tells me. Still feeling your hard cock inside me, a memory of the muscles as they are beginning to relax but craving more of your pleasure. Yes, let’s do it again is what I am thinking.

My hand moves across your chest feeling your erect nipples and I move my body closer to you and I can feel the heat from your flesh and the cool air coming through the window creates small goosebumps on your flesh. Like a thrill of hot and cold, desire rises from my pussy to the depth of my soul as I want more of you. The fire is beginning to burn hotter.

My advances aren’t turned away as I begin to press my body into yours and kiss your flesh so lightly, tasting the salt of your sweat. Starting at your upper arm and moving to your chest, I lean over you to let my tongue run across your nipple, teasing it with the wetness of my mouth and blowing on it making it hard. Yes, this is what I want.

My hand moves down to your cock which by now has begun to get hard again, feeling the stickiness of my wetness still coating it, I begin to stroke it letting my hand move down onto your balls that are still wet from my cum. I feel myself becoming aroused and wanting to taste myself on your cock.

I move my mouth down across your chest and torso and reach your cock which I am striking and is now ready for more action. I allow my lips and tongue to run across your throbbing shaft and I taste my essence on your flesh which is an instant turn on and my pussy begins to pulse with excitement. It too is throbbing for your cock, though it still feels you deep inside in its recent memory of your last penetration.

I let my tongue slide down your cock still gripping it as I taste more of me on your balls as I lick and toy with them with my mouth. I hear you sigh and feel your body reacting to my touch. Still licking your balls, I allow my lips to move over your legs and I can taste the sweat on your flesh. I move my mouth around and over your skin until my lips return to the head of your cock.

Letting the head of your cock slip into my waiting orifice; hot and wet, my tongue circling the head dancing over it as my mouth envelopes your hard shaft. It is welcomed with warmth as the pleasure it brings me heightens deep within me and my pussy anticipates its penetration.

You reach down and run your fingers through my hair and I look up at you as you watch your cock disappear into the warm hole of my mouth. Yes the pleasure, deep pleasure of sexual want and satisfaction. I want to give it to you as I know you will soon fill my hot void with your throbbing cock and supply me with pleasure I so crave.

You see the desire of passion in my eyes and you are enjoying this moment of close intimacy that we are sharing. Like icing on the cake, my mouth wrapped around your cock is the epitome of pure ecstasy. The more I lick and suck on you, the more you move your body and vocalize your delight, and the more I find enjoyment of this sexual physical activity.

My pussy is aching for your hard cock as my muscles in my body tense and relax with the thought of you pressing your shaft deep inside me.  The want is growing as I feverishly lick and suck on your cock.  What to do? runs across my mind.  Continue to suck on you or mount your hard shaft and insert it deep inside me. Desire and passion deep within my soul wins out and I can’t take it much longer as I slowly remove my mouth from your cock letting my tongue get the last lick of your shaft and have licked all my essence off your shaft.

Straddling you I slowly lower my body over your cock once again.  Feeling the inserting deep inside me, I climax immediately as you grip my hips tightly and I arch my back to get the fullness of your cock deeper inside and to release all the flow of juices from my cavity.  I grab your chest to hold your flesh tight under my fingers as I ride you pressing my pussy and hips down on your groin.

The pure enjoyment can not be described as I scream out words between my breaths of ecstasy.  The heat of our passion exploding as your cock is throbbing inside me.  I tighten my pussy around your shaft to feel it grow and know your own orgasm will happen soon.  The more I vocalize the more your thrust your hips up to meet my downward motion.  Thrusting and pulling at each other to fill the need of sexual pleasure as we become one but in our minds we are in completely different worlds.

I burst with another orgasm, stronger than the first and the volume of juices flow from me,  I not only feel it but can hear the wetness as we make a sloppy noise of sex and the scent of my juices vapor up into my nostrils.

You burst with a thrust that drives your cock deep inside me.  I ride you wildly as I can control my feeling of sexual energy as it explodes from every pore of my body. Grinding and pulling, thrusting and moving, our bodies move in a frenzy of passion and desire of the feeling of unwavering lust.  The need to satisfy each other but to also make sure the joy is felt deep within our souls.

Panting and still moving into each other we begin to slow our ride to a gallop.  I release my fingers from your chest leaving the red marks of them as a reminder of the sexual want for you.  The pleasure of the need for your sex.  To fuck you and only you.  You bring it out in me.  My heart is pounding in my chest and I can now hear the other sounds of crickets begin to creep back into our world.

I flatten myself down on your chest and let my lips meet yours. To kiss and touch, so gentle with the passion of the desire we have that we share.  Nothing can match this, nor compare to it.

Your cock slowly slithers out of my pussy and I roll off of you, feeling the throbbing ache of my pussy from the thrusting of your cock only moments before.  I move close enough to kiss you and run my tongue across your lips to show my affection and want for you that still burns deep within my soul.  You have awakened it.

I could do it all over again, just give me a couple of minutes.

The crickets serenade us as the sheets move across our body and the summer breeze cools our flesh and we are two again, floating on the sea of unquenchable desire for each other.


  1. Always enjoy oneself with some “self love” while reading my stories. The best compliment.



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