Who Am I or Who I Am

Like truth or dare, I’m giving you a story of the truth. This is not a dare and maybe not erotic but it is all real and the truth.

For weeks I’ve been contemplating writing this as I’ve had this writers block for the last couple of weeks, and by addressing that I need to write so many thoughts came across my mind. Write about anything and this one idea came to mind.

Who am I? Or better Who I am! Changing the one part, changes the question. So I am here to explain to you all Who I Am!

I write under a pen name: Victoria J. James. Why this name? I will explain.

Victoria was to be my birth name, after my Mother’s favorite brother Victor, but at the time of my birth my Mom and her brother weren’t speaking to each other so I was given another name which I have disliked because it is an “old” name. Very seldom heard and I never really liked it. I’ve wanted to change my name to Victoria since I was a pre-teen and my Mother told me the story of my name.

Middle initial “J”. Could be two things Julia for my Mother or Julio for my last affair. Yes, affair, I will explain later.

James, for my brother. My favorite brother, who is always there for me no matter what.

So that is how you have Victoria J. James.

Now a little bit about me

The pictures on Twitter and Facebook are me, no one else. All of them. I am 50 years young. Yes YOUNG! I don’t feel nor act my age and I hope never to.

I’m divorced; twice. Yes that’s right, two times I’ve made the mistake. I have no children. I live with 1 dog and 4 cats. I own a pet sitting business and work 7 days a week sometimes 12-14 hour days. So yes I’m on the road a lot.

Social life? The big question. Now how do I explain that.

Friday nights I go out with my brother and friends at a local bar. I haven’t had a date since December 2012 and I haven’t had sex since November 2012. So my life has been mundane and rather lonely.

But what I write is real! Real from my soul of the desire of passion and want! Want of touch of flesh! The need and taste of a man. The feeling of pure passion, lust, sexual desire and want! Yes that is ALL real!

The story First and Last Kiss, yes that was real and true. And yes it happened a number of times after I wrote that. But the two of us know it couldn’t go any further.

The story The Long Wait, that was true too. That did really happen and that man does exist, only he is married to someone and lives in New Jersey and his name is Julio. He was the last person that I was intimate with. And even though we’ve not had contact with each other since January, he still lives within my soul.

You may ask why I wrote this, because I wanted to.

I am a female filled with life wanting to share it with another. Passion flowing threw my veins like hot lava wanting someone to cut them open and let it all out! Feel the warmth through my flesh as my lips touch your skin only to ignite the fire deep within to let it burn bright as the sun! Yes I am that and more.

I seek the one to start that fire and keep it burning bright for many years. I have had many stumbling blocks which has caused my lack of writing and have drained my inspiration. Yes I know, inspiration comes from within, but with very limited human interaction or intimacy it is difficult to pull from the depths of my soul to write you a moving sexually arousing story.

If I have bored you with this I really don’t care. We are all human and I’m not here to entertain you. I have feelings, wants and desires just like you. So bare with me as I make this transition.

Until then, I, Victoria wish you a Good Night Sweet Dreams now come over here and hold me! FUCK!


  1. May you find the joy that you so greatly deserve! You couldn’t bore me if you tried! 😉

    • Thank You Seamus. I believe my “itch” to write is back! I think whatever I put down on paper, however senseless it may be, is helpful for me to get past this stumbling block. Thank You for your support! It is much appreciated!

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