Mind Dump – An Exercise

Embrace; hot and warm. Kisses on my neck hot, as your breath vapors stimulate my flesh.

Your chest pressed against mine and the sweat rising from my skin mingles with yours.

I sit with my legs wrapped around your waist with your hard cock pressed against my pussy lips.

You pull on my hair making my head go back even further as your lips and tongue move across my neck. The forcefulness excites me, because I know I will have my turn.

You grab hold of my thighs and you tighten your grip on them, pulling my legs even tighter around you. Your cock is hard pressing against me and I so want to feel it inside me, deep inside me.

I dig my fingers into your arms as I become open to your aggressiveness, willingly letting myself succumb to your needs. Take me is what I’m thinking.

You move your lips up my neck causing me to now meet your kisses with my lips. I am eager, but soft as I return your kisses, that soon changes.

I push you back against the sofa with my body, grabbing the back of it, almost as if I want to smother you with my body. Now it’s my turn.

I let my kisses tell you of my desire. Soft and slow becoming more pressing as my tongue moves across your orifice tracing your lips and then my tongue diving into your mouth. Forcing it to open wider as I almost want to suck the life out of you.

My pussy is screaming hot for you to penetrate it. You read my mind. You grab hold of your hard cock and push the head against my swollen lips, and I release my mouth from yours and let out a gasp of complete ecstasy of your hot probe. Just what I needed.

Pressing your cock deeper into me, my juices flow and the flood gates open as I cum with pure passion of lust and desire. Yes! Fuck me!

Grabbing hold of me you pull me down on your shaft and I feel the fullness of your cock as it throbs inside.

Release of pent up sexual tension, I cum again. Screaming your name in pleasure and ecstasy of the discharge of months of sexual want and need of human flesh. Like a vampire sucking the life out of another, I want it all out of you. All the sexual pleasure you can give me, I fucking want it all.

Riding you as we pull, press, bend and mesh together to get the best penetration of the full play of passion we move like wild beasts; grabbing, pulling and twisting with one another.

My fingers deep into your flesh as you tighten your grip around my waist to keep me there. Like I would leave all this pleasure for something else? I cum continually with your cock throbbing deep inside me. Yes! I am there!

Your cock seeks out the heat and juices of my pussy making it cum as they flow down and on to your balls and I feel the substance, gooey and wet on my ass as I ride you faster and faster. Grinding my pussy harder down on your shaft.

You climax comes quick and fast and I match it with yet another explosion of hot juices. We have met our peak of sexual ecstasy in our passion of desire for the flesh. We are one in this orgasm of hot wet juices, shared like some would share a piece if cake, but deeper from within our souls.

Still holding on, unwilling to let go, my pussy tightens and loosens only to tighten again to ensure I have drained you of all your liquid.

Let go, but no.

Hot and sweaty is my flesh as our bodies are sticky with perspiration. I look into your eyes letting my lips move down to meet yours as I hold your face in my hands and no words are spoken. But still I want to eat you whole.

My lips move over yours, softly and with purpose as I ….

If I was a praying mantis, I’d bite your head off.




  1. Wonderful, colourful words….

    • I try very hard to “paint” a picture for my readers. So happy you enjoyed the story!


  2. There is no more glorious feeling to a man than to be deep inside a woman who has the hunger and the internal muscles to drain him of every last drop. Your story has ignited my passion and desire to find just such a woman. In the hopes she’ll want to swallow me whole.

    • The feeling is mutual. The close intimacy of the union of man & woman. To feel them deep inside you, to react to them with every muscle of your body. Yes, that is pure sexual satisfaction, a feeling that is hard to describe, but I do my best! Glad that the story inspired you to seek out what your soul desires.


  3. ballsybilly

    The words are very hot! I especially love that title…

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