Feel This!

I watch you and you see me.

I feel your breath on my flesh like the beast on its kill. Hot and heavy. Your touch smooth and soft but it’s the roughness that attracts me to you.

The energy builds as we touch but it cannot be harnessed as we embrace like two wild animals after the same kill. For we desire more then just the touch of flesh. It is blood we seek. Deep rooted sexual passion of the soul that needs to fulfilled and I can taste it. Can you?

Ravenous I am for your body. I am not satisfied with just a kiss or a glance or just a brief touch. I want to eat you alive from your head to your toes. Take you in and leave nothing but your bones for the vultures to pick at. Your body is what I desire. That and your soul. Take it in and swallow it whole.

Touch me and I ignite as I unleash myself upon you. Feel all of me as I open myself up and sting you with my kiss. I taste your flesh as you embrace me and dig my fingers into your flesh tearing it from your body.

Ah yes, you are mine.

Now Feel this!

I grab you to not let go. Take me for I will give you all your fantasies. I am all and more. Watch me as my body moves across yours like a serpent strangling its kill. My tongue feeling and tasting your flesh as it move from your lips to your cock. Sucking and licking until you can’t take any more and I continue to tantalize you with my body. My fingers and hand explore every inch of your body making you quiver and squirm as I continue to suck and lick your cock and balls. My fingers digging deep into your flesh as your cock pulses in my mouth.

Can You Feel it?

Watch me as I suck on your cock, and our eyes meet and I know you are my victim. Like a spider that spins the web to catch the careless fly, I have you in my web of desire. Sexual want is pure greed of flesh and desire. Let me suck you dry and you will just want more.

My tongue slithers as my lips tighten around your cock and my saliva has made your shaft move easily in and out of my mouth. It is hot as the friction builds and your cock throbs for more.

Oh you can’t take it and my pussy is hot and wet for more. Yes I need to feel you deep inside me.

Feel this!

I release your cock from the grasp of my mouth to only imprison it again with the tightness if my pussy. As I straddle you and pin you with my body as I lower my pussy down on your hard shaft that is wanting to be punished with pleasure.

The tightness as I lower myself and the wetness flows from me and you let out a sigh of pleasure as I scream out in ecstasy of the penetration of your cock. Deeper it goes and the wetness of my sexual release flows from me

Feel it!

I tighten with spasms as my orgasms is hard and fast and your cock reacts to the tension. I stare at you as if I can hypnotize you with not just my eyes but with my pussy tight around your cock. The juices flow from me as I arch my back and ride you like a wild horse and my body unleashes a fury if sexual passion on yours. I dig my fingertips deep into your chest leaving marks of red as I holler out your name with pleasure.

I ride you. Grinding myself harder into your cock. Feeling every inch of your body. You hold into me. Grabbing at my hips pulling me down harder as if to get deeper inside. Harder you pull the more I press my body onto your hard cock. Split me in half with your cock. Driving it deeper inside as I feel it probe and pulse inside me.

Feel it! Fucking Yes!

Pulsing and probing as spasms of my orgasms are continual. Juices flow as I continue to scream out in pleasure of sexual passion and ecstasy. Don’t let go! I grip your flesh tighter and you grip my hips holding on as I ride you harder and harder. Driving my hips onto yours as your cock fills me. My pussy hot with juices as I cum and it flows from me down your shaft and your balls are wet with my essence.

Feel it Now!

You thrust deeper inside me. Pulsing with your cock as it is ready to explode like a volcano of hot lava and it throbs with its own want.

You’re there. Spewing forth its own hot wet lava, our juices flow together as our eyes meet and I scream out in pleasure of my own satisfaction.

No need to continue. But I grind myself down upon your cock. Harder, pushing myself onto your cock as it continues to spew it hot juices. My pussy tightens around it.

Our eyes meet, but are lost in our own personal sexual satisfaction. Though our desire is to please each other, we are content with our own pleasure bring met.

My juices continue to flow as I lower and press myself into your body and I kiss you as the spider has made it’s kill. My tongue moving across your lips and I feel your body shiver under my touch. My breath hot on your flesh. My pussy tightens around your shaft one last time.

Feel it?

I do and want to badly.


  1. mirabella

    Cazzo love! So completely enthralled …felt true! Grazie for sharing your wicked words! Hugs, Bells xxx

    • Yes, very wicked thoughts run through my mind late at night at times. Glad you enjoyed the read.

  2. ballsybilly

    Reblogged this on mastererotica60.

  3. Thanks for sharing!


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