Thoughts of my Desire

I know I haven’t written in weeks and do miss exploring the caverns of my mind and soul to bring you an erotic tale for your imagination, and i do hope to be able to reignite that passion again soon. But for tonight I have something to read that is sort of a confession of thoughts and words. So please enjoy.


I close my eyes
Visions appear in my mind.

I crave for your lips and your kiss
To feel your breath on my skin.

Your face pressed against mine
In a tight embrace.

Feel the heat rise from your flesh
As your arms hold me tighter.

Your lips on mine as the burning desire begins to build.

I sigh as my visions of thoughts in my mind races from one to the other.

Your body pressed hard against mine
As I feel the hardness grow hard against me.

My own wetness builds and I long for your lips and tongue pressed into my folds.

I hold you and grab at your flesh and the tension grows.

Take me. Make love to me. Hold me through the night ’til the sun fills the room.

Breath. Sigh.

I close my eyes tighter to keep the visions close and the feeling of you closer.

Touch. Hold. Grab me tighter, never let go

Gripping are my thoughts that race through my mind.
My body reacting as it tenses and the sweat builds on my brow.

Feel the sexual tension in my lips as I press them firmly against yours.
Feeling your mustache on my face, I can’t let go.

Muscles tighten as the heat grows in our flesh.
Your touch, your lips, your body is what I need, what I crave.

I savor the taste of your flesh as my tongue moves across your skin.

Taste me. Lick me. Let me explore you.
Hold me. Feel me. My desire growing deep from within my soul.

I want nothing more then the passion you can give me.
The ecstasy of that fleeting moment of pure raw sexual release.

Take me. Hold me. Never let go.

My eyes still closed as I feel the wetness build inside my folds as my hand moves across my body.

Taste me and let me taste you. All of you.

Your body, your soul, your mind. For I am yours for the taking.

I crave you.

Where can you be?


  1. john mark

    Wow Victoria

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