The Battle

Kiss of lips, soft and smooth
Tongues warm and wet.

Wetness builds as passion flows
Breath and kisses in the dark.

Hands moving over hot flesh
Grabbing and pulling.

Touch hard, touch light
Feel every inch and valley.

Hardness of his cock
The wetness of her pussy.

Probing and pulsing faster than a heartbeat
The want and desire heightened.

Tug and pull
Beg for more

Deeper his thrust
Cry of her pleasure

Ecstasy close, just out of reach
Climax with each pulse.

Desire met and climbing
Still not enough.

More is given, yet more taken
Fever of passion is high.

Each thrust is felt
Wetness flows warm.

Battle and struggle to satisfy
Need more, want more.

Thrust again and again
Pull and tug on flesh that is hot.

Threshold is within reach
Peak has been met.

One final push
All senses released.

Soft and slow
Kisses with intention.

Battle won.
No losers.

Complete satisfaction.

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