Get a Grip of This!

Story or thoughts? Does it really matter?

Press your body into mine as I feel your hard cock pressing against the folds of my pussy. I’m waiting for you to use it like an exploration instrument of pleasure on me. My breathing deep and rough as you fold me into a position that pleases you. I am submissive now, but that all can change, quickly.

My hands run down the sides of your body and I feel the warmth of your flesh. Your lips touching mine as I close my eyes and open my senses to all the pleasure I feel of your body against mine. I enter another world, as the depth of my soul opens to release the raw sexual energy that is held there.

I pull at your flesh as my feet run up your legs feeling the hair on them, and I take in every inch of your body with every inch of mine. Wanting to feel all of it, leave no spot undiscovered. My feet can feel the tense muscles of your legs as your cock presses harder against my folds desperately wanting in.

Push. You are there.

The head if your cock has broken the barrier and my wetness begins to flow. I grip your body like an animal embracing its victim. I take you in. My pussy hot and wet as I climax and liquid flows from me. Your hard cock penetrates and probes for hot liquid like seeking gold in my wet cave. But wait, change of plans or at least positions.

I whisper in your ear, “roll over. I want on top.” You comply with no question.

My juices flow from me as I ride you, but it is your cock I wish to suck.

Grinding myself down on you as my feet cup the cheeks if your ass and you pinch my nipples. I arch my back letting my head tilt back to release the sorceress within as I exclaim my joy and pleasure in words and sounds. Leaning forward I grip your chest and look deep into your eyes as you stare at me seeing the release if my raw passion. I stop.

Pulling myself off of your hard shaft I let my lips meet yours. My tongue, moves across your lips, but not for long as it seeks out your cock, that is hard in-between your legs. I pull back from admiring your body as my hands explore your chest and arms. I move myself backwards so your cock is throbbing for attention. It’s waiting for me and I will give it another hot wet hole to explore.

I stop here and there along my venture, to kiss and lick your nipples, than again at the tender spot next to your hips. This soft area I love to touch as I lick, kiss and nibble on it and I begin to massage your balls. Your cock is hard and throbbing wanting my mouth so badly. Your hands move across my shoulders and through my hair and you can’t wait for my mouth to be wrapped around it.

I tease and toy with your cock as my tongue slowly licks the length of the shaft and I insert it in my mouth only to pull it back out and lick it some more.

I stroke and lick your throbbing cock glancing up to see the pleasure on your face an the tension. Holding your cock in one hand, I lick your balls letting my tongue move over them with precision to taste my own cum and to get them as wet as possible. I move my tongue and lips all over your most vulnerable area while still stroking your cock, exploring and invading you. Yes I’m in control.

I let my tongue move up the shaft of your cock while cupping your balls in my hand as my index finger toys with your forbidden hole which is wet from me licking you. Yes, my finger is exploring as I insert your cock back into my hot mouth.

I let my tongue circle your head, feeling the sensitivity it and I know I hit the right spot as I hear your sighs and your deep breathing, while your fingers grip my shoulders. My finger moves into your dark hole ever so gently and I feel your body begin to tense with this new sensation, but you don’t stop me. The pleasure of my mouth on your cock has overridden the invasion of my finger playing with your ass.

I look up into your face and you stare at me as your cock disappears and then reappears out of my mouth. You grab my hair pulling it away from my face so you can watch me sucking on your cock. I’m finding a great deal of joy of fingering your ass and sucking on you at the same time, while my pussy is burning for your hard cock again. I wait until the time is just right.

I continue to lick and suck on you, expressing my pleasure of moans and sighs matching yours. It is almost time as I feel your cock getting harder and throbbing as your head dwells in my mouth. Almost there, I tell myself.

I slowly let my lips and tongue release your shaft and remove my finger from your as; it’s time for part two. I look at you and I feel the raw evil of sexual want being expressed in my face. Oh I won’t hurt you, but I’m going to give you and me a great fucking ride.

Straddling your body, I lower my pelvis slowly down on your cock, my pussy waiting for the penetration of your hardness. I take a deep breath as I purposefully lowered my body on yours , making sure you felt every inch of my tight hot pussy on your shaft. I begin to move on you, riding you deliberately first than moving faster to feel you, grinding myself harder on to your cock.

I lean forward grabbing hold of the headboard as I rise and lower myself, teasing your cock and my pussy with your hardness. Riding you feverishly like a horse that I want to tame but also keep wild. I let out all the frustration of my bottled up sexual energy as I exclaim over and over, “fuck, fuck, fuck”, screaming out obscenities, proclaiming the ecstasy of your cock deep inside me. Yes, I am riding you harder and harder, grinding myself down upon your pole.

You grab my breast squeezing them and pinching my nipples but I am almost oblivious to your actions for I have reached a different dimension. I am still holding the headboard as I arch my back, tilting my head backward as my pelvis grinds and thrusts itself like your cock is a drill and it has to reach all the way in me to find the source of my orgasm. I have already climaxed with the first penetration, and my juices are flowing from me continually and I feel and hear the sounds of my wet pussy as it tightens around your shaft.

Our bodies are moving as I ride you harder and harder, we are in unison but I am aware of only what I feel and your cock is deep inside of me as I climax once again and I have now begun to change my pace. Slower more fluidly I move, letting my body begin to relax and feel all of your cock move within in. I am still holding the headboard

I look down at you and you look up at me as I move my body with yours, the sweat rolling down my back and chest, my hair clinging to my face as my mouth is gaped open in pure ecstasy. You see all the raw passion that is there; open and exposed to you.

I feel your cock throbbing deep inside me, pulsating as my pussy tightens around it. I spasm with an orgasm and letting out a shrill of vocal release. My movements quicken with the excitement and you grab hold of my hips, you begin to meet my thrusts down on you. Pulling on me as I tighten my grip on the headboard, digging my fingers into the wood, knowing I’m white knuckling it.

You hold my hips tightly as I feel your fingers dig into my skin. Arching my back and pushing my hips into you, you thrust deeper inside me as your cock fills my cave and my juices flow freely from me.

You explode with hot cum as you impale me, and I meet your thrust and orgasm with my release.  We vocalize our pleasure of sexual ecstasy as we cum in unison, mixing our fluids with the thrust of your cock as it throbs and pulsates and my pussy tightens with each spasm.

Still gripping the headboard, I continue to grind and ride you meeting your pulsating cock thrusts and I begin to slow my movements, but not my intention of feeding my passion of your cock.  I feel every inch of it pulse as my pussy still tightens around your shaft. I feel fulfilled with your sexual energy.  What we have shared and explored, but I just can’t get enough.

I begin to relax and the throbbing of your cock lessens and my body begins to relax.  I look down at you while I am still holding onto the headboard and I see the pleasure in your face as you can see the complete want for you in mine.  Want for you more than just this.  I slowly release my hands from the headboard and press my body to yours letting our lips meet as I run my tongue over them feeling your mustache and softness of your mouth.  We are still one at this moment.

I kiss you softly but then become more aggressive as though I can’t let go of this moment.  This time of sharing of complete sexual pleasure and passion.  I pull back but don’t stop kissing you. Pushing my hands down under your body to hold you tight against me. I  feel the heat and sweat of your body against my chest, as if we are both on fire.  Fire of unquenchable desire and lust.  Lust for each other and the ultimate need to please one another.  You pull me close to you as your cock is beginning to stop throbbing, but my pussy is yet to release it from it’s grip.

With one final kiss you roll me over, so I can feel the weight of your body pressing into mine. It feels comforting me my flesh.  The scent of your sweat and the taste of your mouth are my complete turn-on.  The sensation of wanting more is beginning to boil deep within my soul.

You remove your lips from mine, pushing my hair from my face and you look into my eyes, you see my soul and the inner depth of my passion for you. You feel it in my body, but now you see the rawness of my desire for you.


  1. Definitely masturbation piece! It’s poetic, erotic, and mmmm… (licks finger) Good! LOL! What a lovely post.

    • Yes, I have to agree it is a great piece to masturbate to, definitely raises the senses. Glad you enjoyed it and Thanks for complimenting!


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